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Right now, there's a 100 audible unabridged audio for only 4.95 each. That's a great price for books. Audible is one of the leading sources of audio books for iPod. I was actually a member before I have any iPod, but then I found that it was much easier to get the audio books CD at the library. Now that I have an iPod again, I might give them a try again. It takes time to put audio CD in my computer so I can then put it in my iPod. Nope, audible's not paying me anything for this post...just passing along the savings.

Commercial Mortgages

When I was looking for a warehouse to store my books, it wasn't quite easy. I have to think of location. For one thing, there's taxes, upkeep, current condition, down payment, finding a good bank, and then hoping that the zoning is right. On the other hand, millions of people have faced these types of problems and there are clear paths to finding solutions. I have to think of budget, and business income to cover it. If a business is new, there's the hassle of having enough paperwork to prove the business is worth the risk. In other words, it was much harder to obtain commercial mortgages. There's a truckload of paperwork to deal with.

Now with Commercial Mortgages UK. they work closely with their lenders, thus securing your loan much faster for much less paperwork. These make it very attractive. That paperwork takes time to generate, especially for new business who doesn't have enough history.

Commercial Mortgages UK offers a wide ranges of loans to the business sectors. You can obtain a loan for property development all the way down to opening a small shop. They're there to help make all size of business grow and prosper.

Are you thinking about starting a traditional British business of opening a pub? They'll help you with every step of the way. It's in their best interest that your business prosper because then every body wins.

Light a Candle

A lady I know from my favorite bulletin board lost one of her newborn twin. I cannot imagine the pain she's going through. I'd like to offer a healing light her way. It may sound hookey, but it's a comfort to know that one is not alone in their time of pain and lost. I am sending my sympathy. It's not enough, but I hope it helps.

Little Angel

I was given an angel to cherish and love,

So tiny, so perfect, a gift from above.
When I looked at his face it was calmness I found
And that peace seemed to spread to all he was around.
His love touched my heart like fine threads of spun gold
And I thanked God for giving this angel to hold.

But I did not know then that time was my foe
And too soon, with a whisper, my angel would go.

My heart almost breaking, a touch soft as lace
Seemed to wipe at the hurt as it coursed down my face.

I still have my angel to cherish and love,
Those gold threads now shimmer from Heaven above.

And though I can’t see him or cuddle him tight,
I won’t say goodbye, Little Angel, goodnight.

I Want This Bed

One of the most important component in the bedroom of a couple is a marriage bed. I take my bed seriously. It can't be too hard or too soft. It has to have a headboard. It has to be spill resistant, and it has to look good. It's my bedroom. I want to be able to 'get away' from it all when I am there. I want to be able to grab my book, recline on it and relax. I'd want it to be sturdy enough for energetic relations with my husband. In other words, I want my bed to be just perfect. It's a quest I have.

I have stumbled into this site where they have a line of Faux Leather Beds. The advantage over leather bed is that it's spill resistant. IT looks good, and has great price. The Barcelona Bed Frame catches my eyes with it's sleek design. I am not into raffles and lace. I don't think I can breath in it. I'd probalby have nightmares where the laces tries to eat me.

Also, the corners are not too sharp for any kid to ran into. I'd worry about injury if the corners are to hard or sharp. So, if I could have any bed in this store, I'd have the Barcelona Bed Frame. It's elegant, it's sleek, modern and classy.

Sky Watch

I like watching the skies lately. I like taking pictures of it with my 2 MP camera phone. I think there's a meme going on about sky watch that I would like to join just as soon as I find it. I think I was driving to the library when I saw this one. Isn't that beautiful? This is our winter sky.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Let's do some word association. What do you think of when you see credit cards - bad credit? The correct answer is hope! There is hope for people with bad credit.

Having a credit card is not all bad. It can actually rebuild the credit you have. However, once your credit has been destroyed or considered 'bad', it's very hard to start all over again and get a new one.

That is why badcreditoffers.com is a great place to visit and reassess your options. They have the highest top 10 credit cards which offers credit when your credit history is bad. You don't have to jump into the first offer you see. You have a choice now.

The King of Mixers

Last December, I impulsively bought myself a kitchenaid mixer. This very same one actually. It was 300 dollars, but with rebate, it became 250. For four weeks after I got the mixer, I was in a panic. I have no idea what to use it for. I didn't even bake cake or anything. And if I do anything with flour, I could do it with fork and handy beater. OMG. I thought I've wasted my money. Then one day, I made a pizza dough and my hands were clean and my arms are not tired, and my pizza is perfect. Sigh. I finally find what this mixer is for.

Talent and Training

I once signed up for sales training for an airline company. It was great because I got free ticket to Houston. My sister happened to take the same training class too. I find it amazing to watch truly talented people go out there and make a sale. I met these qualities in one of the office manager of a karate place nearby. I can't decide if it's talent or training. I suspect it might be a little bit of both.

If you suspect you might have a talent of selling, why not amplify yourself with a good Sales Courses and really make a killing every time? I know that my little bit of training in that airline company have improved my sales pitch considerably. I still find it petrifying, but with training, I overcome the fear part of the selling.

Iron Rider

It's not really the name of the statue, but it's made of iron. I think. If I were to guess, the horse if probably a mustang, because they're the prettiest of horses. I go here a lot. Usually, it's not because I admire the art and all that. I do admire this art. But this particular art is near GAP, and they do have the most fabulous sales sometimes. I go there for the sales.

Save Big on Black Fridays

My husband and I have been hearing stories from real friends about black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving.

My husband have to work early in the mornings, and the strangest sites are the 6 a.m. lines outside of stores of customers waiting for the store to open. Who in their right minds would do something like that? Aren't they tired from eating all the food and watching the game?

Well, finally, my friend has told us year after year of the great deals she gets, and while I'm not looking to buy a TV or microwave on the spot, goodness I don't keep that kind of money in my ash tray, but on the other hand, eventually I do buy those kinds of things and why not get them for a steal?

So, finally, my husband and I have mentally prepared for the timing, Friday the day after Thanksgiving we're planning on joining the other nut cases and waking up early and going to one of those adult toy stores (I mean, adult toys as in electronics... what?) and simply showing up with saved up cash (meaning room on the cc) to buy something, to fill a hole in our life to replace the religion we gave up.

Well, there is a site by the same name, 'Black Friday'. I don't consider it the same as going to wait in the weather for a steal, but if you can get the same deal, whatever. I like to use the site to compare, have a base knowledge of what the prices can be, so when I go into the store on Black Friday I won't be off my game. I don't want to pay one third price for a microwave I don't need when a super 90% off DVD is avaliable online. On the other hand, I won't know what the prices are unless I do some research before I go. That way I know I should turn down the super special on a discounted five gallon drum of olives, and the like, if I can get them online without getting wet waiting in the rain.

Of course, my husband will probably just sleep in, as usual.

Hyacinth Fragrance

My husband bought me flowers last Friday. They're not just any flowers, they're hyacinth. I have them in my room right now and I can smell them. The fragrance is really strong. It's like having glade plugins in my room. It makes me happy just to look at them. I think I like them much better than roses.

To Do or Not To Do

To do and not to do, that is the question. Breast Enlargement. I've been thinking that maybe I could have one to make mine nice and perky again. What could it possibly do? I mean breast are for breastfeeding children, right? I'm kind of done with that. I'm of the opinion that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

For some people, there is no other way. Other's who had forge ahead and take the plunge benifited. Like Lauren Langley, a 27-year-old from Hartlepool in County Durham made her dreams come true. There are many ways a surgery can help and improve life. You know what, if it can improve a life, why not?

Photo Hunt: Wooden

Definition of wooden (adjective)
expressionless; dull; inflexible; stiff; blunt

This week's theme is wooden. Take this grand estate. This is just one of the houses you find in my neighborhood. What keeps this from being dull is the wood fence on lower left side of the picture. The house per se is not dull, but if it's all you see, estate after estate, they get pretty dull. So, this nice touch of a fence keeps this place from being 'wooden'

Being a Landlord

As a reluctant landlord, I really have other things to do. I’d rather watch Fred Mertz than be Fred Mertz. Fred, of course, had the world’s greatest tenants, Lucy and Ricky.

There are problems which come up dealing with tenants, for instance, ‘What if a student tenant wants to switch with another student?’ or ‘What do I do if my student loan for rent doesn’t cover the cost of the rent?’

I suppose the most disturbing call I had, really had, just a few months ago was a call from a tenant who said, ‘The building is on fire.’ No kidding. I thought at first he was joking, but sure enough, I could barely get down to see the unit for all the fire trucks.

I had major questions on my mind, ‘Would I have to rent him a hotel?’ The rent doesn’t even cover the cost of the mortgage or Secured Loans, and sure enough, he’s behind on his rent, as usual. So, good grief, it’s not like I want to go out and get a part time job to rent him a hotel, where’s the money supposed to come from? If my house burned down, the bank wouldn’t rent me a hotel. And what about his stuff? Do I have to replace his top of the line plasma TV? After all, that rent money had to go somewhere.

Here’s a news article if you want more landlord questions.

I Got An iPod

My husband has been wanting to give me an ipod, but I would always say no. I am not ready for one. Then for my birthday, he'd decided to give me one anyway. I love it! Really, really love it. This is the exact same color I have, 8 MB 3rd generation. I have about 3 books in it now. The best part is, it's much smaller than a CD player and I don't to carry my bulky player around. I have no idea why I haven't gotten one before now.

Mortgage Loans

We rent out a condo and we're practically breaking even. It's not a big part of our budget, but January had an 11 per cent increase in mortgage lending. I don't know if that means the rates are more likely to go up or down, but with Remortgage, it suggests to me that the loans themselves are not going to be impossible to get. January usually has a lower rate of mortgages than other months during the year, but perhaps because of the fear of earlier, there built up a need that finally snapped back to get mortgages. I think that it means that more homes are being purchased successfully, so at least the need for homes might be going up.

[News link]

Once Again

I am a Queen. A royalty. You may call me your highness now. I was supposed to be doing something else today, but well, I was doing something else instead. Procrastination and being easily distracted. I am sure these are hallmarks of aging and getting old. Right now though, I'd really just want to go to sleep....but I want to share my sky shots with you. This is our winter sky.

Limitless Possibilities

There is so much I could and would do with Concrete Workshop. I will always associate longetivity and strenght with concrete. It's certainly more durable than wood. If I have the space to build a shed, I'd fill it with books. My books. It would be the ultimate safe and sound storage.

I actually want this one, it's very elegant. Georgian garage means storage can be beautiful too. Functional, long-lasting...I don't know why anyone would choose anything else.

I have four boys, and I'd like for them to learn some basic skills in carpentry and plumbing. They won't learn this in school, but I think it's important at all children, boys and girls, should learn basic skills. Concrete Workshop means I don't have to worry so much of having my counter space broken and unusale.

I see a lot of non-concrete building needing repair, or treatment from termites, or spot repairing sections damage wood. With concrete, I am assured of it's durability too. With Lidget Concrete Garages, you're assure quality workmanship and pleasing product. I know that when it comes to building, I should worry about it being structurally sound. A Lidget Concrete, they've taken garage building into a pleasing and beautiful art form.

Barnes and Noble

I am a homebody. If I have a choice between going out and staying at home, I'd stay at home. I like being at home. It's nice here in my home. However, the few times I'd venture out into the read world, I find that I love it too. Take for example Barnes and Noble. I think it's a piece of heaven right here on earth.

We have a big one near my house. I took a picture of it with my phone camera. I went intending to only stay for a few minutes. An hour later, I had to peel myself from the place, I didn't want to go anywhere.

If I have a big house someday, I'd want Barnes and Noble to be in my library.

Scariest Word in the Dictionary

What's one of the most scary word in English language? Aside from those which ultimately ends your life or those physically painful, bankruptcy is it. I have no personal experience about this, but I have heard enough from friends who went through it that it's not much fun. It's as scary as everything being taken away, except for your IRS payment. I don't think there's discount in taxes. It's scary to be without money, or to have no option of obtaining one. There's work, but sometimes, those are not enough to make ends meet.

Most every one has debts, but not every one has a secret weapon to avoid bankruptcy. Some have huge amounts of debts, all their future salary is tied up to paying that debt. I don't think I'd like that. Some have manageable debts they can pay back in a year or two. Whatever the debt site, it doesn't hurt to find out more about debts and how to get rid of it.

Debt Management Plans is a tool, or a weapon, depending on how you want to look at it. Go here and there's a chance you can qualify for IVA, which stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement. Some debts have been known to get reduced to 70%. Just imagine, if you are starting to feel soffocated by your debts, this could be your chance to get out of it in a year or two.

Obama or Clinton, who’s better against the Republican?

Obama or Clinton, who’s better against the Republican?

Everybody thinks that Clinton is a liability against the Republican candidate, probably McCain.

They say that the Republicans hate her, will be motivated to vote ‘against’ her, and Obama is likeable and acceptable to Republicans.

Ok, this is simply and absolutely false.


Clinton indeed lacks the personality and character that Obama has. She’s petty, when Obama compliments her, instead of complimenting him back, she says, ‘I agree.’

When Obama has a valid argument, Clinton uses the words of his argument, the key words, in her own speeches as if she thought of them.

Instead of meeting him like a man (no sexism intended, that’s just English) she snipes for petty points.

Now, all hands, attention, focus: Hillary is the better candidate!


Number one: The Democrats are GOING TO WIN. PERIOD.

A: The weakest turnout for the weaker of the two Democrats had more turnout that the entire Republican primaries.

B: The Americans are tired of having their hands bitten by those they are trying to help. Nobody likes to be spit on by someone to whom they are giving charity.
No one likes to shed their blood only to be called thieves.
No one likes to love their fellow man only to have that fellow man blow up their children in uniform.

Americans want out. McCain promises to stay, both Democrats promise to leave.

Now, once the race begins in earnest, the reason Obama is the worse candidate is because, far from being liberal, hes’ not a liberal, oh no. He’s a RADICAL. Think about it. Yes, he was ‘ahead of his time’ by voting against the war.

But, let’s wait a minute. We were recently attacked, there seemed to be strong evidence that convinced everybody, yet he voted against it. That means HE DIDN’T CARE WHAT YOU THOUGHT. He’s left of the horizon, he’s hiding it, and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks.

Sadly, that’s all the Clintons do care about, what the public opinion polls think moment by moment. Sadly for their character. But exactly what I want in a Democrat President.

I mean, if we must have one.

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Bone Tired

I am so tired. That not the worse part though. I don't know what I am tired about. I don't even feel like reading. That's the ultimate worry point coz I always feel like reading especially when I am feeling lazy.

I sleep a lot. I sleep like 7 hours a day! Unbelievable! See, I used too much exclamation points because really, I'm a 3-hour sleep kind of person.

He's Hot!

Have I told you my secret reason, my motivation to watch LOST? Yeah, the series is really great. I think JJ Abrams is a genius with TV series. That's why I am going to watch Felicity after I finish with Alias. It's Josh. He's so yummy! I see him and well, he just want to make you want to sin. Yup. Josh Holloway is hot!

Take a look at that muscle difinition. Yeah, baby!

Our Weather

Sometimes, I think it's almost cruel about our weather. See how these flowers are blooming? Well, they're going to die when the frost comes. And it comes sooner or later. It will stay for a day, or two, but then it goes away. Some days, we get such warm weather, we have to turn on A/C. These flowers are so beautiful...but they'll probablyb be dead after the frost.