Today's Flower

I have to say that my today's flower is quite late. This was taken by my mother on her camera when she went to visit her cousin in Cleburne. My late uncle was alive and kicking then. He passed away a week before thanksgiving. These roses are his babies. He loves to plant vegetables and flowers. He's quite good at it too.


My mother is phenomenal. She has lots of friends. I think I'm my mother's anti-thesis. Yes, I have people coming over and hang-out. But I find it very tough to go out of my house and hang out there. So, for thanksgiving, I'd like to thank people for hanging out with me.

My Roses

I have a very tiring day. And I think, I might have gained an extra few pounds with a large fries from McDonalds. I didn't mean to eat it, but it's there, calling my name. I had to try one. And just like all other no good things, one is not enough. I gobbled the whole thing up. These french fries weren't even for me!

SKy Watch

This is a very late sky watch picture. Taken along the highway while trying not to have an accident. This is my sky. It's getting so cold, I thought I'd see grey skies, but nope. It's as blue as ever. I'm listening to Tess D'Uberville by Thomas Hardy. I'm usually not into old, moldering book, but the reader is pleasant. The book opens with an old man named John meeting a vicar who always calls him Sir John. This old man was never a knight. This evening, he finally asked the vicar why the 'sir'.

Sky Watch

I like clouds like this. My husband's handy cell phone took this picture.Click on the picture for larger image. These clouds reminds me of crows flying. Is that a murder of crows? Or is it a flock of crows? I'm not sure which is it.

Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch

Alligator Baby
by Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

We read this book with my first grader. It's a funny book about Kristen's mother having a baby. They were panicked and rush out. Instead of having a baby at the hospital, they had their baby at the zoo. This book tell the story of how hard it is to find just the right baby to come home with. My kids loves it.

We rate this: 4 stars/5

A Thousand Words

This is my 1000wordsmeme contribution. Take a look at the picture. It's what prompt me to write these below. I would go all the way to 1000, but it's late and my floors need scrubbing.

Janice could not wait to get home. She’s wondering why the bus goes so slowly when she’s in a hurry. Would it kill her driver to go faster than a speed of slug? She has things to do, if her mother would let her. Janice is only 9. Her mother thinks it’s too young to play with knives.

Her classmates would probably think she’s weird if they knew how fascinated she is with knives. Nobody knows, though. She’s only fascinated with knife in her head. No. She’s only interested in knives when she sees a pumpkin.

Aha! There is it again. Every time she thinks ‘nobody knows’ that minstrel song takes over in her head and play. Sometimes it would come in the voice of a black man harvesting cotton, other times, played in the piano to the beat of her teacher counting the rhythm. That’s a whole lot of ‘nother story.

Where was she? Janice’s exasperated. She gets lost, even in thought while she’s thinking. She wonders if other people do it too.

She knows her mother flits, no buzz, from topic to topic. If her mother speaks 5 sentences together, it’s possible that all five sentences is going to be about five different topics. That’s not the worst of it though. She expects me to follow her line of thought.

Janice would just nod her head and pretend to understand because waiting while her mother explains things…

Imagine that your life is a grain of sand. Waiting for her mother to explain is like watching those sand drift away never to return again. It’s not a waste of time exactly. It’s more like a murder of time.

An ominous noise is coming out of the bus. Just one street over and the bus choose to quit! Now would be a good time to listen to her mother’s safety lecture. She slouch down on her seat and grab her book. It’s going to take some time.