1st NFL Picks

Are you looking for a realiable and proven formula for NFL football games? Now is your change to join this free nfl picks. This from a company whose team have been working together since 1997. If you hurry over to their site now, you can get free Pre Season games with purchase of regular season package. Sounds like a great deal.

How Sick Is It?

A woman was imprissoned by her own father for 22 years. She was 18 when she was locked in the cellar, and over 40 when the police found out.

She had seven children, from her own father, who repeatedly raped her. I have no words for this atrocity. How can this person possibly call himself a father?


Why are puppies so cute? They're so irresistible! I went to adopt one, and came home with three. I had forgotten that puppies are baby animals. They poop and pee just about every where. Why, oh why didn't I think of this when I pick up the cute little critters? They're teething too...on my favorite shoes, and books, and my table legs. They're still cute with their sharp little teeth.

Addicted to Sports

Have you ever wanted a place where you can have your own nfl picks? I've found a place for you. It's a forum for those addicted to sports. It's a place where members can be voted into the Hall of Fame and be the best of the best posters on site. This site is not just about one thing, there's a place for noon-sports talk. It's worth checking out. Go and visit them, and start posting if you're looking to be in the Hall of Fame.

Hindu Goddess

I saw this video of 8 limbed Indian girl and frankly, I don't know how to feel. I should feel sorry for this little girl, but I don't. People in her village thinks she's a reincarnation of the Hindu goddess of wealth. She's a conjoined twin. While in utero, she had absorbed her twin, and now appears to have 8 limbs.

Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards

My mother talks on the phone. She talks on the phone to the tune of 1600 minutes a month, sometimes, more. Cell phone rates for long distance are out of the question. In fact, she did accidentally call Canada for a total of 3 hours in one month. She thought it was free! We're billed for hundreds of dollars on that call.

I steered her towards prepaid phone card. This way, she can talk unlimited with my sister, and she doesn't have to cost me a lot of money. My back starts hurting thinking how long I'd have to work to get those long distance money she charges on the cell phone.

She needs calling cards for the Philippines. TheRichCom.com have 12 pages of choices! This is exactly the site I need for all my calling card needs. This site is easy to navigate. It's idiot proof. There's a drop down menu listing all countries that have phone cards, and then phone cards options show up after you choose options of wanting connection fee versus without. You can purchase phone cards ranging from 2 to 20 dollars. If you're only need a short call, no problem. They have 2 or 3 dollar phone card. This site is practically heaven sent to me.

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, I know it's supposed to be wordless but I just have to say that I am glad I did not quit. In the beginning, I was on the losing end. In fact, I have 8 chips on the other home court. But I got nice rolls that I need to hit the other guy. And the other guy got really bad rolls, and can't get out. He's trapped and I was guffawing! I roll on the floor laughing because I love to win. Yeah, it's only backgammon, but it's quite satisfying. Try it!

3GB Social Community Network

I'm always on the lookout for new online 'mall' to hang out. There's a new one in town, and it's worth checking out. Why don't you join 3gb community www.3gb.biz? At 3GB, you can blog, upload your MP3 and chat! It's very exciting to be part of something potentially big and famous from the ground up. This is your chance.

Looking Forward to Blooms

When we moved, I missed my tea roses. They were a hardy bunch. In fact, I would forget to water them for weeks at a time, and yet, they'd bloom three times a year. It's planted right by my front door, a dozen of them, all in a row.

They were my mother's legacy for working at Tom Thumb. The discarded dying plants of the floral shop. Some she's purchased for a dollar or two. I love those roses, but they're not mine anymore.

My husband bought me a rose plant from SAMS. And in just less than 6 weeks, look at the buds I am getting! I'm looking forward to when they bloom. There were two roses plant, but the other one died.

Company Man by Joseph Finder

Company Man
by Joseph Finder

Read more about Joseph Finder .

This is a wonderful thriller. I listed to the audio, so maybe the reader has something to do with it. This is about a man who was made into CEO of a company, the Stratton Corporation, which makes premium office furniture. This dream job turned sour when he has to lay off half of their workers. He's become the town's favorite man to hate. When his house is vandalized, the cops does not even do a proper investigation.

If I put myself into Nick Conover's shoes, I'll be one stressed out person. His wife died in a car accident, and while recovering from that, the company he works for is going down the drain. I think that the story would have been boring, except that it's written by Joseph Finder, and he never writes boring stories. Worth it to read.

Cyber Monday Shopping

To tell the truth, I find holidays and shopping very stressful. I am usually clueless what people might like. I like books, and fabrics, and yarns. But I always wonder what other people would like. I would usually observe what they have already, and try to buy something similar. At others times, I would just ask straight out what the person would like and buy it.

I'd still gift-wrapped it for beauty and excitement, but I prefer getting presents that have a good chance of being a success. Last year, I try to be smart about my shopping. I shopped at Cyber Monday where they have coupons and deals from a many merchants. They have Wal-mart.

Yes, I like shopping at Wal-mart, both online and at the store. I even bought my holiday's gift for myself there. Metal shelves for my craft supplies. I got it online free shipping. I saved myself a trip. Believe me, I could always use a free time to catch up on my books. I love those darn things.

While waiting for the holidays, and you're needing some office supplies, check Cyber-Monday.org now because they have 10% coupons for Office Depot. This store takes a lot of my money. It's those different colored pens. Both my children and I love having different pens with different colors. This coupon is very handy when our bill comes out over a hundred dollars.

Check out the iPod store. They have free engraving with iPod purchase. I wish I had known about this, I'd love to have my iPod engraved with my name! There's free shipping with $50 purchase. That's two iPod headphones. Have you noticed that it always gives out after so many weeks? I hope to get iPod headphones for gifts at the end of this year. I always have a need for it.

I know holidays is not for many months yet, but visit and familiarized yourself with Cyber-Monday.org because you'll get greats deals for your holiday shopping. They even have e-mail alerts announcing when a Cyber Monday sales have been posted. It's very helpful.

Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter

I wasn't planning to read this book. I didn't know this book exist at all. One day, I went to the library and saw the title among the new release. I stopped dead on my tracks and grabbed it. Right there and then, I sat down and started reading. It's a captivating story similar to Pride and Prejudice in some way. In fact, I don't think any Jane Austen fan should miss this. It's wonderful read. You get to 'see' what the Jane Austen tour in England would be like. There's a mystery or two, and love story guaranteed to keep you reading.

Police Gear Website

I watch a lot of Reno 911. Did you noticed how nicely dressed the cops are? Even the one with the short shorts. I bet they could get their tactical gear cheaper at LaPoliceGear.com. Take for example this 5.11 Tactical Tac-Lite Pro Pants - NEW PANT. It's durable, light and comfortable. Factors which a policeman doesn't need to be worrying while busting a suspect. See how nice it looks, yet it's Teflon-coated to resist stain. This is just one of the numerous products LaPoliceGear offers.

Suzanne's Diary to Nicholas

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
List Price: $28.00
Published in 2001

I am a sucker for good books, and stories doesn't get any better than this. First it hurts your heart and then it will make you sob. Why read? Because there's also the promise of happy ending. Every one wants happy ending. I too want happy ending, along with happy middle and beginning. But that would make a boring story, wouldn't it?

Katie finally found the perfect man. Poetic Matt, tall and loving Matt. Then one day, he disappeared from her life. He left a diary for her to read. It's written by a woman named Suzanne for his son Nicholas.

This book will make you stop and take notice of what's important in life. The lesson of the 5 balls will resonate long after the book is over.

When Bad Credit Happens: An Option

I often hear it said that divorce can ruin your credit. It doesn't seem to make sense to me before. It would seem like it's going to be cheaper because you only have yourself to take care of. Then my brother got a divorce, and I understand nasty, unfair, and how bad credit happen.

When there's lawyer bills to pay, knowing there's a bad credit loans might just keep oneself from jumping off the bridge. There's no need to take the first available loan option, instead, there's choices to be made. There might not be a choice on how your spouse is taking you the to cleaner and making your life the most miserable it can be, but there's a choice on taking that loan to tide you over to the next lawyer bill. Not yours, your spouse lawyer's bill. Because this is America and the best liar will win.