Cyber Monday Shopping

To tell the truth, I find holidays and shopping very stressful. I am usually clueless what people might like. I like books, and fabrics, and yarns. But I always wonder what other people would like. I would usually observe what they have already, and try to buy something similar. At others times, I would just ask straight out what the person would like and buy it.

I'd still gift-wrapped it for beauty and excitement, but I prefer getting presents that have a good chance of being a success. Last year, I try to be smart about my shopping. I shopped at Cyber Monday where they have coupons and deals from a many merchants. They have Wal-mart.

Yes, I like shopping at Wal-mart, both online and at the store. I even bought my holiday's gift for myself there. Metal shelves for my craft supplies. I got it online free shipping. I saved myself a trip. Believe me, I could always use a free time to catch up on my books. I love those darn things.

While waiting for the holidays, and you're needing some office supplies, check now because they have 10% coupons for Office Depot. This store takes a lot of my money. It's those different colored pens. Both my children and I love having different pens with different colors. This coupon is very handy when our bill comes out over a hundred dollars.

Check out the iPod store. They have free engraving with iPod purchase. I wish I had known about this, I'd love to have my iPod engraved with my name! There's free shipping with $50 purchase. That's two iPod headphones. Have you noticed that it always gives out after so many weeks? I hope to get iPod headphones for gifts at the end of this year. I always have a need for it.

I know holidays is not for many months yet, but visit and familiarized yourself with because you'll get greats deals for your holiday shopping. They even have e-mail alerts announcing when a Cyber Monday sales have been posted. It's very helpful.

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