Three on Thursday 3

These are my three sexy men this week. It's Daniel Craig, Josh Holloway and Tom Cruise in a pretty incriminating cloth.

What's yours?


Have you ever thought of building a dollhouse? It's a great way to bond with your loved one over something creative. My grandpa and I used to fix up my mother's dollhouse when I was little. It was so much fun. I learned very useful terms like beams and joust and door frames. If you're a little idea-challenged like I am, there's a kit for sale for dollhouse miniature projects. I like this one below but it's on the high-end. This sort of looks like my house, except mine is a lot older and a little less sidings. Dollhouses is not just for children, but for adults also. I would definitely take this hubby up for myself. Check it out, I never knew there's so much I can do with dollhouses. It's awesome!

Taken with Liam Neeson

I saw this movie and I like it very much. This post might contain spoilers. It's a story about a girl from a very rich family, but that's beside the point. She went to Paris with a friend and got kidnapped. Fortunately for her, her Dad is a highly-trained killer. He went right on looking for her. It's a simple plot, but Liam Neeson is so hot going around killing people. Whew! So sexy! Have you seen it?

Three on Thursday Volume 1

I finally made use of our eliptical trainer last night. I listened to three songs over and over, just so I can get through one hour of it. I prefer to run outside, but it was too late by the time I finally have some time. So, elliptical machine it is.

1. Aint Nothing But Mammals by Bloodhound Gang
2. This is How a Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas
3. Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

So, what's your Three of Thursday?

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My Most Romantic Valentine

I have so many; it's hard to choose just one. Seriously, I've been taking and ruminating about this 'most romantic Valentine' idea. It's tough. There was a year when I woke up to slightly burnt toast, drunk from a smudge glass of orange juice and some lovely flowers. There was another time when I opened a beautiful heart-shaped chocolate, with a bite from the corner. It's the size of a small baby's teeth. I absolutely love it! There's another time when I get to dress up and eat out and go the movies with my husband. I realized after recalling all these lovely memories that valentines day ideas does not have to be expensive to me romantic and memorable! I must mention my sort-of-romantic and funny valentine. I was in high school. Most of the greeting cards are in English. It's a tradition that a boy will give a girl a card or flower for valentines. I guess I had a secret admirer, but he's not so vigilant. I must give him an A+ for the beautiful card he gave me. It was red, musical, with a picture of a gorgeous bouquet of roses in front and it played Debussy's 'Claire De Lune'. Then I looked at the card closely and closer still. Would you believe it? The card said, With Love to my Grandmother."

This year, for Valentines, I'd like to try something new. I'll make Chocolate Espresso Mousse. After all, valentines is not just for my husband and I, it's for our kids too.