WTF are they talking about? I found this link on one of my favorite blog The Book Bitches. Their blog is not limited to books.

This Guy Says It All!

I just love country music words!

Fine Print for a Thank You Card

as written by my dear husband.

This document contains confidential information and may not be shared with parties not intended for receipt, nor are the contents of this document presumable to be a binding contract, implied nor expressed. Opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the writer and are not representative of management, the board, nor the stock holders of the corporation, however they might include actual opinions of janitors, door men and laypersons not employed by nor associated with this Limited Liability Corporation, henceforth to be referred to as “the Corporation”.

This document itself remains the property of the Corporation and must be surrendered pending 90 days notice of intent to retrieve, including all photocopies, electronic, pictographs, computer terminals having once displayed any representations, including hand written, Morse Code, semaphore and also including any and all light rays reflected from copies of this document into outer space as well as any brains in any person containing any memories ever having read any copy of this document, or anyone knowing someone who has.

These conditions apply to all copies in English and or any other language except Old Swahili translated into binary code using invisible ink subsequently burned and their ashes having been scattered equally into the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, with a remaining ten percent dispersed upon the winds blowing not less than fifty kilometers per hour toward the Black Sea with the disperser standing not less than one foot from low tide.

They Get "The Boys?"

I don't hate her for making 33 million a year, but does she get Tom Brady too?

I am still trying to figure out how this picture came to be. I mean, her legs doesn't look that ugly on the photo shoot...or is it? She wears a lot of boots.She does look healthy.

BVS: Batman vs Superman?

Which one do you prefer? I haven't pondered the reasons, but I don't think I can choose.

I think a naked Batman will do.

Superman does not have any naked pics that I can find.

Why Timothy Dalton

I wasn't really paying attention when my aunts were swooning over this guy. At least, not until over 25 years later when I saw Timothy Dalton for myself. I was watching Jane Eyre, the BBC series version from the '80s.

It takes a while to get used to the acting on that show, but then, you just forget about acting, and just watch Timothy Dalton move around. This guy is quite compelling.

Watch for yourself. I don't know if he's still making new movies lately, but I would watch it. I think he's lots cuter than Christopher Plumber, Sound of Music's Captain Von Trapp. I love Christopher Plumber too. I must have watch Sound of Music about a hundred times before I turned 25.

I think it's the eyes. Check out more of his pictures here.

I Love Pay Per Post

Why I love PayPerPost?

It's the money. I get paid for writing. I get money in my pocket through a unique form of blog marketing. As an added bonus, I get to know some of the products and services which I wouldn't normally find out. In some instances, I get to know other bloggers who does the same.

PayPerPost delivers! I have lots of plans for the money I am going to make writing for PayPerpost. A vacation in Europe would be very nice. Maybe to San Francisco just in time for romance author signing! PayPerPost can make this possible. These are just very few reasons why I love PayPerPost.

Serious Eye Candy

Saw them at a gossip site here. Are these x-rated? Which one do you like best?

I love this Victoria!

She rocks...and she's right...it does look smaller eh?

I'm Really Going to Miss You When You're Dead

Coolest Mother's day song I've ever heard. It's from SNL.

Mom, you are a truly special lady.
You’re the best mother a mother could be.
You’re smart, you’re pretty, you’re an absolute joy,
And I’m really gonna miss you, when you’re dead.

[Patti gives Will a puzzled look]

Mom, I’m gonna miss you when you’re dead.
We’ve had such a wonderful life together.
And when that grim reaper comes to take you away,
There will be nothing I can do, to stop him.

I will cry an endless stream of tears over your coffin,
Which will be the cheapest coffin money can buy—

[aside] ‘Cause you’re not materialistic, and that’s what I love about you—

And when we cover you in dirt, never to return,
I will think fondly as we’re selling your crap.

[Patti is clearly confused at this point]

Oh Mom, I’m gonna miss you when you’re dead.
You were one hell of a chick to grow inside of!
I wish I had told you that I loved you before you died,
But I guess I’ll never have that chance.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you, Tide!*

Dear Tide:

I am writing to say what an excellent product you have! I've used it all of my married life, as my Mom always told me it was the best. Now that I am in my fifties

I find it even better! In fact, about a month ago, I spilled some red wine on my new white blouse. My inconsiderate and uncaring husband started to belittle me about how clumsy I was, and generally started becoming a pain in the neck. One thing led to another and somehow I ended up with his blood on my new white blouse!

I grabbed my bottle of Tide with bleach alternative, to my surprise and satisfaction, all of the stains came out! In fact, the stains came out so well the detectives who came by yesterday told me that the DNA tests on my blouse were negative and then my attorney called and said that I was no longer considered a suspect in the disappearance of my husband.

What a relief! Going through menopause is bad enough without being a murder suspect! I thank you, once again, for having a great product.

Well, gotta go, have to write to the Hefty bag people.

*got this from e-mail.