My name is Serendipity and I am a Romance-holic

I used to only want to read romance books with happily ever after. I thought it a waste of my time to read anything but romance. Sure the hero and heroine have problems, I get heartbroken and shed tears, but I was safe in the knowledge that they're going to get married and live happily ever after. In fact, I prefer it if my book ends with a wedding, or an epilogue about them having kids. I was proud to be a romance-holic.

I also do not like books written in the first-person. I prefer G-d-like views on my books. I am especially in favor of the male-point-of-view too. Nothing is more attractive than to find a male in anguish over his love, a hero who's wavering and dithering about his feelings. I thought I would never read a book with one person's view. I was afraid I'd miss too much, and it won't be as satisfying.

More than a few people I met morphed to condescending mode when they found out. Only romance and happily ever after, and nothing about cheating! It's similar to an admission to a certain stupidity if I say, "I only read romance books." I'd get counter-question like; don't you read Tolstoy and those dead Greek authors and some of those English dead authors? I'd have to reiterate that if they're not alive, and they're not talking about happily ever after, and emphasizing fidelity, and making sure there's not too much sex* in the book, then I am not reading it. Except Jane Austin of course because who could resist Pride and Prejudice?

It's amazing how people who slightly knew me thought I was a intellectual because I only read romance. I don't even venture to anything outside the realms of Diana Palmer, Johanna Lindsay, Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, Lisa Kleypas, Nora Roberts romance lines, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and tons of serial romances put out by Harlequin and Silhouette, though I think they've merge now. It's even more insulting to see their reactions when they find out what I study in school. One actually gasp that I could fathom Chemistry or Biochemistry, little me and my romance-fiction-only-soaked brain.

My husband was never one of those people. He made sure I have more than enough supply of romance books. By the time we were married 4 months, I had in my own personal collections at least 100 romance paperbacks of authors I like. How amazing is that? He's the best husband ever! He loves it when I read my books. OMG. I cannot believe my luck!

The first time I found out I could actually enjoy non-romance book was on a trip to visit my husband's Aunt C. My husband and I listened to THE FIRM by John Grisham. I love it! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Along came Dave Barry's book about visiting Japan. Absolutely hilarious! Next up is John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee and I'm in love! J.A Jance and Sue Grafton nailed the coffin some more. I am thoroughly wedged in variety. I even enjoyed Matt Reilly's books, never dreaming that was Science Fiction! Dan Brown. Need I say more? I cannot believe the pleasure I get of reading non-romance books.

I read The Red Tent by Ms. Diamant. I was almost convinced she's anti-Semite. Gosh, imagine my shock when I found out she's a Jew. I guess it's still possible! I enjoyed the book, even if I was bothered by some of the details there. These lead me to wanting to read The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan. The reviews are compelling. Even better, if it is DaVinci Code wanna be, that's reason enough to try!

Now I wonder how much romance-fiction snobs might be missing just because of a certain perception out there.

*As I grow older, I realized also that they're no such thing as too-much sex in a book, only annoying copious amount of boring sex in a book. It takes a lot of talent to make sex in a book tantalizing and interesting.

The Expected One: A Novel (Magdalene Line) by Kathleen McGowan

Title: The Expected One: A Novel (Magdalene Line)
Author: Kathleen McGowan (click here to read TBB interview of this author)
Binding: Hardcover
Isbn: 0743299426
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication Date: 2006-07-25

Book Description





Two thousand years ago, Mary Magdalene hid a set of scrolls in the rocky foothills of the French Pyrenees, a gospel that contained her own version of the events and characters of the New Testament. Protected by supernatural forces, these sacred scrolls could be uncovered only by a special seeker, one who fulfills the ancient prophecy of l'attendue -- The Expected One.

When journalist Maureen Pascal begins the research for a new book, she has no idea that she is stepping into an ancient mystery so secret, so revolutionary, that thousands of people have killed and died for it. She becomes deeply immersed in the mystical cultures of southwest France as the eerie prophecy of The Expected One casts a shadow over her life and work and a long-buried family secret comes to light.

Maureen's extraordinary journey takes her from the dusty streets of Jerusalem to the cathedrals of Paris . . . and ultimately to search for the scrolls themselves. She must unravel clues that link history's great artistic masters, including Sandro Botticelli, Nicolas Poussin, and Jean Cocteau; the Medici, Bourbon, and Borgia dynasties; and great scientific minds like Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton. Ultimately, she, and the reader, come face-to-face with Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, Judas, and Salome in the pages of a deeply moving and powerful new gospel, the life of Jesus as told by Mary Magdalene.

Awww, look at that

My long-time crush is now married. He's married right? I can't keep up, but I saw this picture today, and I remember that I used to like Tom Cruise a lot. It's tough you know. I liked Tom Cruise when I was in elementary school, when I didn't have any other requirement but a cute face on a poster.

Now that I'm older and wiser...nuh! I'll stick to who looks great on screen.


It's not difficult to make a woman happy.

A man only needs to be:
1. a friend
2. a companion
3. a lover
4. a brother
5. a father
6. a master
7. a chef
8. an electrician
9. a carpenter
10. a plumber
11. a mechanic
12. a decorator
13. a stylist
14. a sexologist
15. a gynecologist
16. a psychologist
17. a pest exterminator
18. a psychiatrist
19. a healer
20. a good listener
21. an organizer
22. a good father
23. very clean
24. sympathetic
25. athletic
26. warm
27. attentive
28. gallant
29. intelligent
30. funny
31. creative
32. tender
33. strong
34. understanding
35. tolerant
36. prudent
37. ambitious
38. capable
39. courageous
40. determined
41. true
42. dependable
43. passionate
44. compassionate

45. give her compliments regularly
46. love shopping
47. be honest
48. be very rich
49. not stress her out
50. not look at other girls

51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes

54. Never to forget:
* birthdays
* anniversaries
* arrangements she makes

1. Show up naked
2. Bring food

*from an e-mail. LOL. I am going for that e-mail crown, what else!


As if we don't already know, read it anyway.

Reading this is entertaining !!!

Did you know that we can determine if a person is sexually active or not by looking at her skin?

1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests have shown that a woman who has sexual relations produces big amounts of estrogen which makes hair shiny and soft.

2. To make love in soft and relaxed way reduces the possibilities of suffering from dermatitis and acne. The sweat produced cleans pores and makes the skin shine.

3. To make love allows to burn all the calories accumulate is this romantic love scene.

4. Sex is one of the safest sports. It strengthens and tonifies all body muscles. It is more enjoyable than doing 20 lapses in the pool. And you donĂ‚’t need special shoes !

5. Sex is an instantaneous cure against depression. It frees endorphines in the blood flow, creating a state of euphoria and leaves us with a feeling of well-being.

6. The more we make love, the more we have the capacity to do more. A body sexually active releases a higher amount of pheromone. This subtle aroma excites the opposite sex!

7. Sex is the safesttranquilizerr in the world. IT IS 10 TIMES MORE EFFICIENT THAN VALIUM.

8. To kiss everyday allows to avoid the dentist. Kisses aid saliva in cleaning teeths and lower the quantity of acids causing enamel weakening.

9. Sex relieves headaches. Each time we make love, it releases the tension in brain veins.

10. To make love a lot can heal a nasal congestion. Sex is a natural antihistaminic. It helps fight asthma and spring allergies.

This message was sent to you so that you have good chances in sexual relations. It went around the world 9 times. It now arrived to you so that you can can in turn enjoy "Benefits from Sex".

*from an e-mail, of course. :0

Another test thingy...

you must be thinking...come on! Get a life!

I did already. Then took this test. Hmmm. I wonder if this blasted test sees me as my friends or people who knows me sees me!

Here's the test, and you'd probably want to take it too. Whoever heard of anyone not curious enough to see how others see themselves?

I was going to post some favorite sexy guys pictures...then I couldn't find the pictures, it will have to wait. However, we all know already how I can't resist quizzes. Get your mouses everyone and enjoy!

Slow and Steady

Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.

They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.

It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.

Let's Talk about Brad, and Being Politically Correct my Ass!

WTF! He said no marriage until the gays can marry?

"Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able," the 42-year-old actor reveals in Esquire magazine's October issue, on newsstand Sept. 19. [source]

Poor Angelina Jolie. What a convenient excuse. About Gay marrying... I have nothing against homosexual or gay/lesbian or whatever is the politically proper term these days. I have a real problem with the degradation of "the" Marriage Institution for the rest of us married people. Go ahead and co-habit people. Same sex couple standing in front of a priest is not "marrying." It's like saying a sperm donor is a "father." Duh!

It was great that Shiloh's first picture feeds tons of hungry children, housed the poor, and gave milk to poor orphans, that's great. Now, Brad is holding his marrying Angie for the gay right movement. Gee!

On a totally different note, this link is fun. It's click-worthy. There's something to be said for our quest to be politically correct! Be sure to take a look at the "new" vs "old" terms. *wink*

Dirty Old Man: Sexually focused chronologically gifted individual.

Panhandler: Unaffiliated applicant for private-sector funding.

Serial-Killer: Person with difficult-to-meet needs.

Lazy: Motivationally deficient.

Fail: achieve a deficiency.

Dishonest: Ethically disoriented.

Wrong: Differently logical.

Ugly: Cosmetically different.

Unemployed: Involuntarily leisured.

Dead: Living impaired.

Pregnant: Parasitically oppressed.

old - retarded
80's - mentally
90's - handicapped mentally

old - queer
80's - gay/homosexual
90's - queer
[strange but true]

old - fat
80's - big boned
90's - alternative
body image

The Mouse Will Play

isn't this a cute kitty [from an e-mail source] The mouse sure did. Except, I am not quite sure if there should be a cat in my story.

I was sitting here wondering what to do because there are so many things I must do. It's a very perplexing, yet elucidating discovery to find myself playing with colors. It's very satisfying. Now, if I can only color-code my planned tasked, I'll be in business.

That's yet another argument why I must hit the bed and catch some zzzzzs. When I started this post, I had a lot of clever, interesting ideas floating in my head. Then I worried if my new colors clashed (I did save the old template colors just in case), and I totally forgot how to be clever and interesting.

I can only conclude that the peace and quiet is interfering with my creative thoughts. I need distraction and noise and interruptions. Funny how that is.

The Quiz Fascination

I don't know what's fun about a quiz. I have taken thousands of them before, but they're never much fun. In the Philippines, I doubt you'd met a teacher/professor who doesn't say at least once every two weeks "Get a piece of paper, we're going to have a quiz."

It's like a sickness, and it's very catching. Of course, those same teachers/profs are too lazy to check out the answers themselves, so they have us exchange papers with our seat mates to grade it. If that isn't possible because it's too much trouble, they pick someone from the class, grade their paper, and then hand that student the rest of the papers to grade.

Gratis of course. I've done a few of those myself. If you're from the Philippines, I bet you'd done it too. I am not sure about here. I studied Biochemistry and Chemistry here, and I don't remember if we ever had a quiz. If we do, I doubt any of the professors would let me grade it. One of my US Government professor did asked me to ran the scantrons for exams, but that wasn't all the time. Plus she took me out to see how the money were made in the Federal Building. Tons of money. The only ones they gave me were shredded ones.

However, I did get to met the Federal whatever. I don't remember his name, but I remember being properly impressed.

Here's another test. It looks like I am in the wrong era. Really, just because I prefer I Love Lucy to Beverly Hills 90210? I don't do drugs, had a mild overdose on Demerol while giving birth, it felt like an elephant is reading a book on my chest singing at the top of his lungs. I don't know why anyone would crave that sensation, it was the furthest thing from fun that I had experience. Go ahead, take the test too...I bet you can't resist it either. I wonder which era you'll land in.

You Belong in 1968

If you scored...

1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Traveling G-Spot Finder

It's going here.*

Okay, I'm in a quandary. I wanted to send a G-spot finder to a friend overseas. One minor problem is this country happens to be a very Christian country. One where they won't, at least didn't about 15 years ago, published overtly sexual things.

Where their idea of an X-rated film then is Bo Derek's movie Ghosts Can't Do It . Of course I went to see it with my friend Grace. It was hard. We had to smuggle our street clothes because the damned theaters won't let us in with our high-school private school uniforms. Come to think of it, even public uniforms is banned from theaters on school days. We wouldn't be allowed by our parents otherwise, so Grace and I played hookey with our Home Economics class. Is it any wonder I did not know how to cook when I got married?

I'm not going to mention that my mother has a lot of friends willing to report about us standing anywhere else but near a school. Ssssh, don't tell my mother. I think she'll still get mad if she knows. I was supposed to be in school, doing educational stuff. We got away with that one. Whew!

It was really scarry when we went into the theater. All,except maybe 10, in a full theater are men or should I say, male? They are the slobbering and wanking kind. We decided that we're safe near the exit. However, it got to be too scary, we had to leave after 30 minutes after because well, too many guys in that otherwise "good" theater. We also find out it wasn't as much fun getting away that way.

Now, back to my problem. I hadn't realized, being as I am a person who doesn't usually go shopping for dildos and G-spot finders, that there are so many to choose from! I have decided on one. Now, as to sending, how do I declare it to customs? Any ideas?

For starters, I was thinking of putting it as (a few options):

toy, broad and non-committal

lady's toy, well, isn't it?

rattle, this one might fly, coz you know, they really come in a lot of cute
flavors. Or couse, this is heavily counting on the fact that customs in "that"
country will not include perves.

food item, I could include a jar of edible massage oil, and that would cover

So, what do you think would be a great description on customs form?

*Wow, this one really looks pretty, although it's not as good as the other, but it's the closest to P-13 picture I can find.

Just tell me in Simple words

or better yet, pretend I am six-years old and that it's important for me to get this information right.

See, I keep getting an accounting e-mail and it says:

PLEASE NOTE: If the total balance is a negative amount (- figure) then this indicates that there is an outstanding payment due to you.

I want to know what it means. Does it mean I owe them money? Or does it mean they owe me money.

Why can't they write to me instead like this.

PLEASE NOTE: If the total balance is a negative amount (- figure) then this means a.) we owe you, or b.) you owe us.

Really, how hard could it be to say that. Sure it doesn't use big words like "indicates" and "outstanding" or "due", but I would understand it better.

I don't really care for fancy words. I save that for when we close on yet another house where lawyers use like 1 million words for what could be said in 10 thousand words.

I understand that longish verbiage is required for some transaction like hiring a domanatrix to hurt you for example. I can understand that a contract of that kind should include the whatnots, wherefores, and heretofores. Otherwise, I prefer simple.

What would you prefer yourself?