The Mouse Will Play

isn't this a cute kitty [from an e-mail source] The mouse sure did. Except, I am not quite sure if there should be a cat in my story.

I was sitting here wondering what to do because there are so many things I must do. It's a very perplexing, yet elucidating discovery to find myself playing with colors. It's very satisfying. Now, if I can only color-code my planned tasked, I'll be in business.

That's yet another argument why I must hit the bed and catch some zzzzzs. When I started this post, I had a lot of clever, interesting ideas floating in my head. Then I worried if my new colors clashed (I did save the old template colors just in case), and I totally forgot how to be clever and interesting.

I can only conclude that the peace and quiet is interfering with my creative thoughts. I need distraction and noise and interruptions. Funny how that is.


Simple American said...

Whenever things get too quiet. I go find the kids and wake up the tickle monster. Still works on teenagers, though not as long as when they were wee.

The red is really bright, but with the peach backround for the text it does not seem as harsh as it might be with a different choice.

Serendipity said...

Hi SA, I thought same thing. I went from purple to green to blue...seems like peach calm it.

Plus I was getting really tired of picking colors at that point, I'd have left it even if it makes me puke everythign I look at it.


Programming eludes me.