That's The Way It Is

I was just thinking about my father today. He did a lot of wonderful things for us. He'd sacrifice many things so we can have a nice luxurious life. It's sad that we don't have much contact these days. It's probably because there's that biggest ocean between us. Figuratively and literally. I'd like nothing more than to hurdle it and go back to where we were, but the business of living gets in the way. The truth is, there isn't much time. My time is always sucked into million different direction. I've taken the first step, but the truth it, if it requires a whole lot of time than what I have, then our relationship will probably stay the way it is. Nuetral, not so close, and still we both know that we love each other very much and will probably drop everything to be with each other if the need arise.

Sky Watch Friday

This is my sky watch this week. This picture was taken a while back, but I like the memories that came with it. Actually, that was my first thought, and then I looked again and I realized, I have no idea which memories came with it. I know it's something pleasant, but I can't remember exactly what. Isn't it strange when you feel like there should be something pleasant and happy associated with something, and then when it comes right down to it, it isn't there. Funny!

Lift it Up, Lift it All Up

Every now and again, when my nose gets unburied from the pages of my books, I noticed signs of aging. Gravity is not my friend. For example, when I was young and 18, having small breast just totally sucks when I lay on my back. Gravity pulls it all down until it's nearly invisible! I didn't mind. I was happy with my small breast because I almost always go without a bra. Then along came the children, and I'm not saying I regret anything at all, because I don't, and I noticed that my breasts, small as they are, starts to drift south. Sure, I can still go without my bra, but it's not as fun anymore. I'm finally starting to lose the weight I've gained after all my pregnancies, and while I might not seriously consider other procedures right now, breast uplift procedure is not in the same category as faking anything. It is like buying high heels because I want to be 3 inches taller, or that it makes my legs looks gorgeous. Besides, with names like 'uplift' it's bound to be a confidence boaster in the summer when I can wear my swimsuit and look great. Isn't that the ultimate goal with all the tucking and lifting and augmenting? I see no harm in making my breast full and perky again. In fact, I think it's a great birthday present to give oneself.


Self-control is a myth in the face of such overwhelming chocolatey creation! I have made progress towards my goal of getting in shape. I'm size 8. Still, after this party, I went back to ten. I should have picked the banana, or the luscious grapes and strawberry...but unfortunately, I devoured these cakes instead. Still, it's worth the extra miles and the slight detour of the pants size is worth it. So, what gets your self-control?

A Long and Winding Road

For sure, it doesn't wind, but it's a long road. Doesn't it bring to mind some music about road. There's always this song that plays in my head when someone mentions road alongside a picture like this. Sometimes, I want to leave at the end of this long and not so winding road. Maybe about 3 miles of it. That way, if I put my mailbox at the beginning of the drive, I get nice bods for checking my mail twice daily. How cool is that?

Catching Sleep

I was bewildered why people would be catching sleep. In my case, it's more like evading sleep. I wanted to stay up at all hours. I like to read books or arrange my rooms late at night. So, catching sleep is the last thing I want to do. When I would get sleepy though, I would always fall into a nice deep sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to go again after 4 hours of sleep on average. I was an easy sleepy person, when I get around to it. That was a long, long time ago though. Now, in my older age, I find that I have a need for comfortable bed, in addition to nicely arranged room and sheets. Now, I need ambient and relaxing atmosphere to catch sleep. Now, I know what it means to catch sleep. I like to sleep with my books, so having ottoman beds would be ideal for me. I can store my books under my bed and keep my room clutter-free. I have been known to toss my husband off bed so I can straighten the bed sheets before I could sleep. When I was younger, I couldn't care less what the bed looks like. Now, I do. I like them in simple, sleek lines. I like efficient style, and I like them to compliment my decor. I'd also like to replace one couch in my living room with a storage bed like Manoa Wenge. It's elegant, sleek and simple lines will make it look good even in my living area. Yes, bed matters to me and finding places to get the right one always makes me happy.

Happy New Year

I hope your new year is as fantastic as mine. Sure it was cold, but I look fab in my new jeans. It's three sizes smaller than the one from three months ago, so I am quite happy with it. Now, if I could stop buying Sunchips and chocolate cake, I would be happy. Actually, I bought a chocolate cake and it was horrible. I think I'm off chocolate cake for awhile. Those chocolates above? I have no idea how they taste. I saw them at 7-11 and I might buy them later.