I Got Blooms!

It's a good year. Despite my dog eating my roses and gladiolas, I still got blooms. My Asian lily bloomed, too. I have over half a dozen flowers from it. I toss these wildflower seeds last year, and look at this now. Isn't that great? I love it!

I'm Going to a Beauty Pageant

I got a call from my friend, Fe, the other day. She told me there will be a beauty pageant for Filipinos in a few days. I am so excited to go and dress up. I find dressing up in formal dresses the best fun there is. Besides, I just recently lost over 20 pounds. I want to show off the improvement. I can see my waistline now. I want to wear this dress below. I'll pair it with my 4 inch black heels. I think it will make me look great. The fluffy design will also hide what remains of some stubborn jiggly bits. This dress comes with a wrap, so it's great when the air gets a tad chilly. There's nothing like dressing up to make a girl feel special.

I'm also planning to wear the second dress below to a dinner with four famous singers from the Philippines. I'm planning to take lots of pictures. I can't wait to meet these stars! The best part about dressing up is finding the best deal in clothing. Would you believe me when I say that each dress is less than a hundred bucks? My shoes are a bit more expensive than that.

Looking at the Sky on Fridays

Our neighbor's tree after a windstorm. At least nothing else was broken except for this poor tree.

I never get tired of looking at clouds. There's so much to look at, even without anything in it.


This was at Muir Woods. It is a lovely place to walk. There are tall redwoods, so grand to look at. It makes the harrowing road to get there almost worth it. I would go back again, perhaps next time, when they just open instead of half and hour before they close. Kids like walking there too.

Fresh, Hip and New

After reading the reviews out up by people, I can declare that hip hop fans will take an immediate liking, while others might be skeptical. Non fans of this genre wrote about how “unoriginal this artist is” and how IceBloc.com is “just another person wanting to get rich.” I checked out some albums. The name “KRANKMUZIC” offers upbeat hip-hop music. The cover of the album features cracked CD with blue electric sparks along of the name of the artist in chrome, and the title of the album in red cracked block letters. In other words, the album cover could be called uncreative, unoriginal etc, by people who were not fans. Fans of this genre would probably call it one of the best. But from a natural point of view, the cover does the job of giving you an idea of what kind of music to expect aside from genre. IceBloc comes with new hip hop artists with “fresh, unique lyrics and energetic beats”. IceBloc seem to be full of talents.

After I listened to the song “Put it in the air” at iceblocmusic.com, I immediately took a liking to the electronic beats in the back ground. It somehow reminded me of an anime called “Air” where a girl with long blond hair, standing in the wind with her arms wide spread. After listening to the lyrics, I remember a time after the middle school got out and some high school students were playing rap so loud, that you could hear all of the song clearly. When I listened to “Drop roll” and heard the girl laugh, I had an image of a black woman in a club. The rest of the song followed on the somewhat harsh beat with hard to understand rapping except for the chorus of the song title. How the song fits into my musical taste would be difficult to explain because I am an emo (punk pop) indie, rock, and scream fan. However, I can say that fans of hip hop, and rap would easily declare IceBloc as number one, and with enough popularity, it could become as popular as Chris Brown and Solja boy.