I'm Going to a Beauty Pageant

I got a call from my friend, Fe, the other day. She told me there will be a beauty pageant for Filipinos in a few days. I am so excited to go and dress up. I find dressing up in formal dresses the best fun there is. Besides, I just recently lost over 20 pounds. I want to show off the improvement. I can see my waistline now. I want to wear this dress below. I'll pair it with my 4 inch black heels. I think it will make me look great. The fluffy design will also hide what remains of some stubborn jiggly bits. This dress comes with a wrap, so it's great when the air gets a tad chilly. There's nothing like dressing up to make a girl feel special.

I'm also planning to wear the second dress below to a dinner with four famous singers from the Philippines. I'm planning to take lots of pictures. I can't wait to meet these stars! The best part about dressing up is finding the best deal in clothing. Would you believe me when I say that each dress is less than a hundred bucks? My shoes are a bit more expensive than that.

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