Photo Hunt: Bright

On a bright and sunny day, even sunflowers needs extra water. This was supposed to be a freaky big flower, but I didn't water it enough. It's half its size. I find that when plants need watering the most, is when I can't water enough. There's just so many things to do. So many!


Name the critter? I just can't resist him. I keep seeing him for months and months. One day, he's no longer on display, and I went into the store to ask. It's fortunate they have a few in the back room and I got him for 258 dollars. Isn't it amazing?

Homosexuals Couples Can Get Married in California

There's no more reason not to tie the knot for gay couples. There's a marriage center on both ends of the country now. California and Massachussetts. Unless Massachusetts changed its mind and I missed the news.

I was going to say 'gay' couple, but that sounds 'sexist to me'. Because gay usually means 'boys' and 'lesbian' is for girls. I think people should stop saying 'gay' and use the term HOMOSEXUAL instead. Because isn't lesbian and gays 'homosexual'?

Or is the politically correct term now, 'same-sex'? I can't keep up. What with people losing their jobs by calling someone 'gay' even if they are. Or is it because they're calling them 'homosexual'?

Whatever is the correct term, congratulations to 'same-sex' couples. Only 48 more states to go.

It's Like Dressing Up

I've always thought of furniture as a necessity to a house. Without it, it's like walking around naked, which is fine if you're in a nudist colony. I find it challenging to find the right Bedroom Furniture. The last time I shopped for our bed, it took me weeks and hours looking at bed after bed before I finally close my eyes and pick one.

Then there's the Living Room Furniture. I think my life would be easier if there's just someone to buy me the whole thing without having to think about it. On the other hand, online stores like makes it easy to peruse different collections without having to get out of my house. I like that.

They have this fabulous distressed game tables for 500 USD. For something this beautiful, it's a fantastic deal. It's free shipping, no tax, and it's open 24 hours. There's nothing like free shipping and free tax that can make me choose a store faster. Check this out, you'll be glad you did.

Baby Mama, The Movie

Sometimes, I missed out on good movies because the title don't make sense to me. Baby Mama is almost such a movie. But there was no other movie to see and I just wanted to go out with my sister, Mom and daughter, so we went to see this one. I enjoyed myself very much.

Steve Martin with his long hair is weird. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were great here. I even find Greg Kinnear very handsome, in a rugged, uncombed-hair kind of way. I mean, look at him, isn't he cute? I just love watching cute and handsome men in movie. Why not, aren't we supposed to enjoy them?

Where to Find out More About Air Filters

My son suffered from severe allergic reactions as a baby. We had to have HEPA air purifier in our home. These type of purifiers are design to filter really small particulates in the air. This used to be a very expensive product, but today, you can get one for about one hundred dollars. It's healthy to have one in your home. It reduces incidence of allergic reactions to dust in the air.

I like review sites. They do my research work for me, and I can just enjoy the fruits of their labor. Shopping for air purifier is made easier when there's one place you can go and find out more about it. AirCleanersGuide is such a place. Take advantage of it.


When I first saw this picture, I was thinking that guy is out of place. It makes him look like a learing old man. I guess that's in fashion too. IF he has to be in the picture, why wasn't he naked like the ladies? The picture would have been pure art were it not for him sniffing about Ms. Knightly. Seriously!

Family Pictures

We're always taking pictures. We go on a trip, and you can bet there's always camera, and picture taking. The only problem is, we can't always be in the picture together. Sometimes, we're lucky and can grab another tourist to take our picture. But some of the places we like taking pictures, grabbing someone is not a good idea. That's why I'm very grateful to one of the greatest invention since sliced bread: Tripods.

I think I owned a Bushnell Master before, but I broke it. It's less than 50 bucks, and it's affordable. Right now, I'd dearly love to own a Nikon Bogen Manfrotto. It's on sale for 300 dollars, but it's heavy duty and it folds small enough for my shoulder bag. Sometimes, it's not all about prices.

New Era of Romance

I used to read many romances like this. I enjoy it. I think that I'm evolving as a reader. I'm actually reading sci-fi now. I thought I would never deign to hold one, but I've read over 10 sci-fi this year! I guess I didn't know anything about preference as a young girl then. I still read romance; this time, I read sci fi too.