Homosexuals Couples Can Get Married in California

There's no more reason not to tie the knot for gay couples. There's a marriage center on both ends of the country now. California and Massachussetts. Unless Massachusetts changed its mind and I missed the news.

I was going to say 'gay' couple, but that sounds 'sexist to me'. Because gay usually means 'boys' and 'lesbian' is for girls. I think people should stop saying 'gay' and use the term HOMOSEXUAL instead. Because isn't lesbian and gays 'homosexual'?

Or is the politically correct term now, 'same-sex'? I can't keep up. What with people losing their jobs by calling someone 'gay' even if they are. Or is it because they're calling them 'homosexual'?

Whatever is the correct term, congratulations to 'same-sex' couples. Only 48 more states to go.

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