Squeaky, a Photo Hunt

This is Tony Hawk's Big Spin. I get all squeaky if someone tries to make me ride this. I just know it wouldn't be pretty. It's those twists and turns.

The Jacket: Adrien Brody

I thought I'd never watch a movie like this. Then, I was on a mission to watch all of Daniel Craigs movie. He's on The Jacket, so I watched it. It opened rather grim and scary, and it didn't get much better throughout the movie. Daniel Craig probably have less than 20 minutes in the film. He also got black hair, just like in Infamous where he hanged. Still, it's Daniel Craig and I like him.

Anyways, I had fun watching Adrien Brody because he's a great actor. So, now, I'm going to watch all movies with Adrien Brody in it. Even King Kong again because I don't remember him in it the first time I watch this movie. Also, Adrien Brody is two months younger than I am!

Picture from justjared.com

Cheap Quality Glasses

It's a universal truth that when your eyes go bad, you're going to spend money to correct that. I know I have spent almost a fortune on mine. I've considered other alternatives, but they're too risky for me. I find that glasses are what I want the most because they're safe. There is also the added benefit of changing my styles. I have noticed that I have been doing my shopping online many times. I have most of my cleaning products delivered to me via UPS. I am really excited that I can also buy my glasses online. If you're worried that the glasses won't fit, then don't let that stop you from buying your glasses at Optical4less.com. With their revolutionary Virtual try-on system, it's almost guaranteed that you're going to get just the right glasses at incredibly low prices! I checked it out myself, and I'm going to get an extra pair for me. If you're not from the US, don't worry. They have free worldwide shipping (if you order more than 1 pair)! I find that deal extraordinary. The best part of this is, I can buy glasses for my relatives in the Philippines and pay for it here. What could be more perfect than giving the gift of site?

Ruby Tuesday

These are some of the post cards I received from post crossing. It's a lovely site to exchange snail mail. Especially now that snail mail is a dying form.

The first card is from China. Isn't it lovely?

The Most Annoying Toy in the World

I saw this video while blog-hopping and it is really the most annoying toy in the world. It's a perfect gift for someone you dislike. Beware of yellow ducks..err chicken?

Gift Ideas for Christmas

I don't know about you, but I find it very stressful thinking up gifts for people I know. Even if I were to have insane amount of money, which I don't, I'd still find it hard. I like books and I tend to end up giving books to people. But books will not work for my husband. I don't think he will read my very romantic fiction. With Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion, I can make some special people very happy while getting a gift card for my trouble. I think this is such a brilliant idea. I would enjoy gift-giving more if I also receive something. I was just thinking how it gets old very fast to only give and give and never even getting thanks for it. I am sure it is perfectly alright for some people, but I prefer to get something out of buying any of Nikon ATB Binoculars.

Today's Flower

I have to say that my today's flower is quite late. This was taken by my mother on her camera when she went to visit her cousin in Cleburne. My late uncle was alive and kicking then. He passed away a week before thanksgiving. These roses are his babies. He loves to plant vegetables and flowers. He's quite good at it too.


My mother is phenomenal. She has lots of friends. I think I'm my mother's anti-thesis. Yes, I have people coming over and hang-out. But I find it very tough to go out of my house and hang out there. So, for thanksgiving, I'd like to thank people for hanging out with me.

My Roses

I have a very tiring day. And I think, I might have gained an extra few pounds with a large fries from McDonalds. I didn't mean to eat it, but it's there, calling my name. I had to try one. And just like all other no good things, one is not enough. I gobbled the whole thing up. These french fries weren't even for me!

SKy Watch

This is a very late sky watch picture. Taken along the highway while trying not to have an accident. This is my sky. It's getting so cold, I thought I'd see grey skies, but nope. It's as blue as ever. I'm listening to Tess D'Uberville by Thomas Hardy. I'm usually not into old, moldering book, but the reader is pleasant. The book opens with an old man named John meeting a vicar who always calls him Sir John. This old man was never a knight. This evening, he finally asked the vicar why the 'sir'.

Sky Watch

I like clouds like this. My husband's handy cell phone took this picture.Click on the picture for larger image. These clouds reminds me of crows flying. Is that a murder of crows? Or is it a flock of crows? I'm not sure which is it.

Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch

Alligator Baby
by Robert Munsch
Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

We read this book with my first grader. It's a funny book about Kristen's mother having a baby. They were panicked and rush out. Instead of having a baby at the hospital, they had their baby at the zoo. This book tell the story of how hard it is to find just the right baby to come home with. My kids loves it.

We rate this: 4 stars/5

A Thousand Words

This is my 1000wordsmeme contribution. Take a look at the picture. It's what prompt me to write these below. I would go all the way to 1000, but it's late and my floors need scrubbing.

Janice could not wait to get home. She’s wondering why the bus goes so slowly when she’s in a hurry. Would it kill her driver to go faster than a speed of slug? She has things to do, if her mother would let her. Janice is only 9. Her mother thinks it’s too young to play with knives.

Her classmates would probably think she’s weird if they knew how fascinated she is with knives. Nobody knows, though. She’s only fascinated with knife in her head. No. She’s only interested in knives when she sees a pumpkin.

Aha! There is it again. Every time she thinks ‘nobody knows’ that minstrel song takes over in her head and play. Sometimes it would come in the voice of a black man harvesting cotton, other times, played in the piano to the beat of her teacher counting the rhythm. That’s a whole lot of ‘nother story.

Where was she? Janice’s exasperated. She gets lost, even in thought while she’s thinking. She wonders if other people do it too.

She knows her mother flits, no buzz, from topic to topic. If her mother speaks 5 sentences together, it’s possible that all five sentences is going to be about five different topics. That’s not the worst of it though. She expects me to follow her line of thought.

Janice would just nod her head and pretend to understand because waiting while her mother explains things…

Imagine that your life is a grain of sand. Waiting for her mother to explain is like watching those sand drift away never to return again. It’s not a waste of time exactly. It’s more like a murder of time.

An ominous noise is coming out of the bus. Just one street over and the bus choose to quit! Now would be a good time to listen to her mother’s safety lecture. She slouch down on her seat and grab her book. It’s going to take some time.

What is Talent?

I'm thinking that talent is turning a pile of crayons on paper to this.

I think that talent can also mean turning a pile of vegetables into this.

Whatever it is, talent seem to suggest that it's going to turn one thing into another. It could make a picture out of a pile of ink, or turn random noises into music. What does talent mean to you?

All-Terain Binocular Everywhere

Have you ever thought of going to into the wilderness, rifle in hand and shooting some hapless animal? I have. I wanted to go hunting. It seems like a real feat of strength. I imagine I must own a high-powered gun, but I think the most important piece of equipment is binocular and running shoes. One is for finding my target and the other for when I fail and have to save my life. Actually, even if you're not thinking of going All-Terrain outdoors activity soon, it doesn't hurt to get a Free ATB Pro Gear. Right now until the end of the year, every qualified purchase gets 25 or 50 dollar gift card to NikonProGear.com. Actually, if you're not thinking of going anywhere near the outdoors, having a high-power binocular can still come in handy. You can use it to check if your cat is still in your backyard without having to step into your backyard.

Photo Hunt = Blue

Nothing quite as blue as up there on Angel Island in San Francisco. It's a beautiful spot to bring your bike and bike around the island. You can even stop by and have a picnic anywhere. The air is cool enough for all your safety gear and still be comfortable.

Or as blue as the city skyline when you're standing on a hill. Actually, some parts of San Francisco felt like a mountain when you're walking it with a shoes higher than no-inch heels.

Nothing quite as blue as the sky on a clear day in San Francisco. Boy, that city is fun!

Stock Market Terms

I think these applies, what with the market tanking left and right. I mean, it isn't even 10 years since the tech stock went down, bringing along with it my 50K profit in stock market buying. I realized that's peanuts, but that's like the sum total of my savings. Ugh.

CEO—Chief Embezzlement Officer.

CFO—Corporate Fraud Officer.

BULL MARKET—A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius.

BEAR MARKET—A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry, and the husband gets no sex.

VALUE INVESTING—The art of buying low and selling lower.

P/E RATIO—The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing.

BROKER—What my broker has made me.

STANDARD & POOR—Your life in a nutshell.

STOCK ANALYST—Idiot who just downgraded your stock.

STOCK SPLIT—When your ex-wife and her lawyer split your assets equally between themselves.

FINANCIAL PLANNER—A guy whose phone has been disconnected.

MARKET CORRECTION—The day after you buy stocks.

CASH FLOW—The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet.

YAHOO—What you yell after selling it to some poor sucker for $240 per share.

WINDOWS—What you jump out of when you’re the sucker who bought Yahoo @ $240 per share.

INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR—Past year investor who’s now locked up in a nuthouse.

PROFIT—An archaic word no longer in use.

Thursday Thirteen 13: Leonardo DiCaprio

Thirteen movies with Leonardo DiCaprio that's really worth seeing. He's made more than 13, but these are the ones I have seen and liked. How many of this movie have you seen? I thought that The Departed and Body of Lies have the same feel. It's thrilling, intense action, and DiCaprio rocks!

1. Body of Lies (2008)
2. The Departed (2006)
3. The Aviator (2004)
4. Catch Me If You Can (2002)
5. The Man in the Iron Mask (1998/I)
6. Titanic (1997)
7. Romeo + Juliet (1996)
8. What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
9. This Boy's Life (1993)
10. Poison Ivy (1992)
11. Blood Diamond (2006)
12. Gangs of New York (2002)
13. The Beach (2000/I)

Sky Watch

This is the sky from Las Vegas. I go this picture from his camera. I'd love to go walking here.

This my skyline on a bridge going to I75. I like the moon was so round and bright. I wish I had one of those powerful lenses that could take a closer look at that moon then.

And this, my husband took it for me.

Ruby Tuesday

I like this couch, very much. I would buy them now, except that I still have a young one who pees where he stands, after he takes off his diaper. Yay! So, new couch will just have to wait. What would you do?

Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich

Fearless Fourteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel
by Janet Evanovich

Yeah! My local library just informed me that this newest Stephanie Plum is waiting for me. I like to listen to audio because there's just so many chores and it's hard to listen to books while sweeping the floors.

Janet Evanovich was in town, not ten miles away from me, signing Fearless Fourteen. I missed it because I didn't know she was in town, and I can't find a sitter for last minute gallivanting around town.

I was so bummed out, I couldn't bring myself to buy a copy. I waited just about forever for this book. I can't wait to listen to it and laugh my head off. Get real! This is Stephanie, she gets into trouble and I laugh my head off.

Sky Watch: Alcatraz

We're on our way to Angel Island when we took this picture.

ABC Wednesday: L

L is for Lombard Street in San Francisco. It's tauted as one of the crookedest street in the states. I think it was 8 switch backs. We climbed it up and down the other side. It's crowded. I almost feel sorry for the residents there. They can't ever just sit outside and take in the cool San Francisco air because there's tourist abound.

I can't wait for S. I have a perfect picture for it, with Tom's help.

The Purifiers with Kevin McKidd & Dominic Monaghan

I saw this movie because I was trolling for a Kevin McKidd movie. I think he's got sex appeal by the boatload. I certainly noticed him in MADE OF HONOR, and recently on GREYS ANATOMY. I hope they make him regular. Hey, they could even make Callie go away, or what about that new cardiac surgeon instead?

Anyway, this was an okay movie with some cool martial arts scenes. I am going to watch TRAINSPOTTING next. Why? Kevin McKidd of course.

Weekend Snapshots

Well, I think I gained a few pounds over the weekend by vegging out on junk food. Actually, I shouldn't call it vegging out. There wasn't any vegetables in all that I ate. Oh, boy. I have got to go running again. Actually, as heavy as I am, I can only go on a jog. Running is kinda out of my league right now.

Sky Watch

Sky at dusk...

Dog Whisperer

I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes! It reminded me of my 3rd child. My husband would hum a tune and he would always go to sleep. My youngest would always pretend to sleep when I say goodnight, but it doesn't last.

The Journeyman

I have a thing where I would go to imdb.com and find an actor that I like from a movie or show that I saw. Kevin McKidd. I first saw him on MADE OF HONOR with Patrick Dempsey. He looks great in kilt. I meant to look him up, but I forgot because my mother and I ended up watching PRIDE AND PREJUDICE again. Colin Firth in that movie is just so fascinating.

On Thursday night, while watching GREYS ANATOMY premiere, I saw him again paired up with Christina Yang. Love him! He's compelling. At imdb I found that he's on this short-lived series called THE JOURNEYMAN. He's a time-traveler. It's a different kind of time traveling show. I wish it would go up again, because it's great.

I am so grateful that imdb has all 13 episodes. I'm watching the second one right now. In QUATUUM LEAP, there's only one body. On this show, he would sometimes run into himself. It's great. You should see it.


The Cheapest Ever

It's been a while since I saw gas prices closer to 3 USD. I was hoping it would stay this way for a while, but it looks like it went back up again. I've always wonder why there are three octane rating for gasoline. Why not sell only two? I am sure I can probably find out if I want to, but I haven't had the chance. I guess it isn't very high on my list of things to find out. Do you happen to know what it means?

Awesome Realtor Directory

My friend Anne moved to Albuquerque. Buying a house was a tad stressful for her because she does not know where to know. Albuquerque Realtors is a directory of professional, reliable and proven realtors. To make it to this directory, a realtor must have completed 10 transactions in the past year. Shopping for a home is hard enough. It's better to do with with someone who can really help. It's what realtors are for. They work for you. Clicksmart has this great directory. Take advantage of it. There are great places to live and the best way to find them is by using reputable Realtors in Albuquerque. It will take a seasoned realtor to help you find it, so it might as well be the best.

Photo Hunt: View

This is a view from the top of Coit Tower in San Francisco. It takes many minutes to make it up there. It's a tight space, and not many elbow room available. I know I should say "not a lot of elbow room", but if you're there, I think you'll see the elbow room is very much quantifiable. You go in circles, and then you have to line up again to go out. That also takes many more minutes before you make it to the sardine-packed elevator.

Sturdy Clothes and Free Stuff

I associate 5.11 Tactical clothing lines with something sturdy and indestructible. It's perfect clothing for growing, active, rambunctious boys like mine. Now is a good time to go shopping because if you buy some boots, you get free socks. I'm such a sucker for free stuff. You can get tactical ops flashlight with purchase of 100 or more. That's a few pairs of pants. If you don't have any children, but you have a husband who likes to go hunting, then this is the place for you. They have all kinds of outdoor gears with great prices. Right now, you can also get free shipping with a 50 USD order. If that's not enough to get you there, they have over 20,000 pairs of pants in stock! Come and shop now.

Do You See?

I like mystery shots. But these aren't that mysterious once you know what you're looking for.
I saw this picture and I have no idea what they are about.
Then I knew. Sometimes, happiness is just taking pleasures in the simplest things we saw. If you can master that, then you are much the better for it.


Sky Watch


What Were They Thinking?

Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy. There's a trail for you!

And now, you're all ready to take your horse on a trail ride.

Sure, you live in a city, but that's alright. They have special provisions for this kind of thing.

And then you see a sign.
And maybe, there's a trail in there somewhere. I mean, there's that sign.

And you look closer, the sign gets bigger. Yes! It's a trail just for you.

Says so right there in clear big sign. Just you and your horse.

But, buuuutttt....where do you go?

The sign said so!

Make It a Showcase

I don't know about you, but I can only look at a bathroom, or any room so much without changing anything, especially my bathroom. Here's where bathroom vanity come in. Are you tired of those fixed old vanities? I am. I have a house built in the late 70s. We're constantly upgrading. I'm glad to have a house, but having this 56" Glass Top Double Sink Vanity bathroom vanities will be even better. I like the bowl design. My husband likes it too. It matches the shape of our plates. Why shouldn't our plates match the bathroom sink?

The greatest thing about browsing through all these discount bathroom vanities is his permission to spend the money. Now, I just have to .decide whether I want to redo my bathroom sinks or my kids. I really can get one! How cool is this?

Double Vanity is ideal for master bathrooms. It wouldn't fit in my half-bath down the hallway. However, they have beautiful collection of single vanity. I think this single vanity below is the perfect compliment to the one I have picked for my masters bath. I like how it is neat and beautiful. If I put in my order before December 2008, I'll get free shipping on any orders. I am so excited about this.