The Journeyman

I have a thing where I would go to and find an actor that I like from a movie or show that I saw. Kevin McKidd. I first saw him on MADE OF HONOR with Patrick Dempsey. He looks great in kilt. I meant to look him up, but I forgot because my mother and I ended up watching PRIDE AND PREJUDICE again. Colin Firth in that movie is just so fascinating.

On Thursday night, while watching GREYS ANATOMY premiere, I saw him again paired up with Christina Yang. Love him! He's compelling. At imdb I found that he's on this short-lived series called THE JOURNEYMAN. He's a time-traveler. It's a different kind of time traveling show. I wish it would go up again, because it's great.

I am so grateful that imdb has all 13 episodes. I'm watching the second one right now. In QUATUUM LEAP, there's only one body. On this show, he would sometimes run into himself. It's great. You should see it.


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