Wordless Wednesday #8

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How Common are you?

This site is really cool. See, this is what googling does to you. You find cool sites like howmanyofme.com. I can't believe there are 75 mini-mes of me out there. I just get this urge to have an impromptu reunion with these 75 people who are named exactly like me!

Does that make me too common? Is that like being named Jane Smith (no offense to Jane Smiths out there intended.)

Statistically the 119th most popular first name. (tied with 4 other first names) Oh gosh! That's like really famous because imagine how many billions of us out there. My first name? In the US alone, there are almost half a million of us.

So, how many of you are out there?

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


My favorite blog bitches asked, "Are we meant to be monogamous?" Go on, visit and read by Trollop had to say. When you get back here, let me know what you found out. Are we meant to be monogamous?

That's a really good question.

I've met a lot of people whom I considered to be serial fuckers. I mean, they just cannot resist making a conquest of anyone they're interested it. Some said it's a disease. Other's said it's because temptation is great, or because they do not have a choice. They've fallen in love, and there must make their hearts happy.


No choice indeed! Let's speculate on the steps towards cheating, shall we? First, there's the finding of some other person who makes your heart race. Then, there's the clandestine meeting, to be followed, but not necessarily, with sex.

On waking up in the morning, we choice between staying snuggled in bed and getting up and get ready for the day. In my case, get everyone ready for school. In some instances, the choices might really be narrow, and leaning heavily towards one side, but it's a choice.

I think cheating is the same way. From the very first moment you see someone attractive enough to make you stop and take notice, a whole bunch of choices comes into play.

Do you choose to smile and exchange words with this person? Do you choose to follow-up? Do you choose to dress a little better next time because?

While making a lot of choices, will-power comes into play. Just how stubborn are you about not cheating on your significant other?

I think the question is not whether we are meant to be monogamous, but just how strong our will are to cheat on our significant others.

There will always be a choice. There are tons of them. Just so you know, when you look and think past the "oh, how cute that person is" to "I wish I'm with that person," the first step to cheating is being laid out.

Do you choose to cheat?

Oh Boy! Britney Spears

We all have days when we feel like shaving our head...Britney listens well to those voices.

I think I like her face with hair.

Thursday Thirteen Vol. 12 - Acid Reflux

I think I am suffering from acid reflux. Not quite sure about this since I have not seen my trusty doctor (isn't "trustry doctor" an oxymoron?)

Anyway, the thing I hate most about heartburn is the nasty smell of the acid. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) smells like poop to me. I can't stand it. No one ever mentions it. Maybe, I don't have acid reflux at all, but I tell you, this acid smell has got to go because it's about to drive me nuts!

Anyway, I decided to do thirteen things about acid reflux, or heart burn.

1. Eating a big meal at dinner causes excess stomach acid production.

2. Milk might be quickfix, but milk has a rebound action and would eventually encourage secretion of more stomach acid, which causes the acid reflux.

3. Try eat small, frequent meals instead of three big meals a day. Small amounts of food each time would exert less workload on the stomach and therefore requires less acid secretion for digestion.

5. Make sure to include foods that are high in complex carbohydrates in each meal. These foods, such as rice, breads and pasta, are able to tie up excess stomach acid and are often easy on the stomach.

6. Avoid high-fat meals such as those from the fast food chains.

7. High fat foods will remain in the stomach longer, thus causing the need for more stomach acid in order to digest them.

8. But remember, don't overeat! Eating too much of any foods will stimulate the stomach to secret more acids for digestion.

9. Avoid or limit alcohol

10. Maintain upright position during and at least 45 minutes after eating

11. Try elevating the head of bed six to eight inches when lying down.

12. Surprisingly, a lot of beverages stimulate acid secretion such as beer, wine and pop. The worst of all is beer. It could double your stomach acid within an hour.

13. Another effective option, is GARLIC. Garlic is one food that you should be eating every day. It's important to remember that the garlic must be fresh. You need to CHEW the garlic or crush it using a spoon before swallowing it, if you are not going to put it in your juice. If you swallow the cloves intact you will not convert the allicin in the garlic to its active ingredient.

Found help here, and here. This site here promises an instant miracle cure with apples. Yep! I don't know though as I have been eating apples and I still get heart burn.

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Wordless Wednesday Vol. 7

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Serendipity Needs

This is a cute tag I got from Simple American. First you go to google, type your name and add "needs" after your name and hit enter.

So, here's what I came up with- all sentences start with
Serendipity Needs

1. Fertile Ground
2. to create the files
3. space
4. for a plugin.
5. to be able to write the file
6. this to be able to function
7. to be able to write files to the webserver and most webservers are configured to prevent this for security reasons.
8. a little nudge.
9. less plugins because a lot of what I want is built

Doesn't some of this sound dirty? It sounds dirty to me.

RIP Anna Nicole and Daniel

Picture by CelebslamWhat a tragedy. This is very sad for her 5 months old baby.

Wordless Wednesday Vol. 6

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Doppleganger, Everybody has One

I've always said it, and now I want you to see. Jason Long looks like my Lil Bro. Also, take note that my Lil Bro does not have a hairstylist or a make-up artist.

It occured to me first when I was watching the Mac-Pc ad. My brother used to have that long hairstyle.

Cool huh?

Do you know of anyone who has a famous person look-alike?

Don't they also look related to that guy in The Practice? You know, that lawyer TV show.