Serendipity Needs

This is a cute tag I got from Simple American. First you go to google, type your name and add "needs" after your name and hit enter.

So, here's what I came up with- all sentences start with
Serendipity Needs

1. Fertile Ground
2. to create the files
3. space
4. for a plugin.
5. to be able to write the file
6. this to be able to function
7. to be able to write files to the webserver and most webservers are configured to prevent this for security reasons.
8. a little nudge.
9. less plugins because a lot of what I want is built

Doesn't some of this sound dirty? It sounds dirty to me.


Simple American said...

Sounds like you need some file help too. There were a couple of mine that I just could not consider listing.

Thanks for playing.

Katt said...

Oh I enjoyed doing that last year! I dont think I put it on my blog though.

I LOVE how #4 says you need a plugin..then #9 says you have too many plugins!!!