Jessica Bird - You Gotta Read Her!

I have found a new author which I love! I have read all the books she has written which I can get my hands on. I first read The Billionaire Next Door and what an amazing story it was. I even cried! For me, shedding tears over my books is the ultimate enjoyment. I like the suspense, and all the romantic hurdles are so believable. I like how Sean was such a strong powerful guy, yet vulnerable when it comes to love. It's believable, because aren't we all vulnerable to love one way or another?

Discount Inkjet Cartridges

I am always on the look-out for cheap laser printer toner cartridge. Having a job which requires lots of printing, I learned to shop and shop and shop until I find a low price for my Epson ink. I like to print picture using my own printer, but sometimes, the ink is prohibitive. Well, not anymore. I am very glad to find inkjetdeals because they have helpful hints about saving ink. I always appreciate information like that. They're very handy in today's world. Even my baby have printing needs. I used to not want to use my laser printer because of the price of the toner. But now, with inkjetdeals I can get my toner discounted for up to 80% of the original price, they point to where I can get free shipping as I always already over 100 dollars each order.

So Much Fun

My husband and I have so much fun making this video below. It just took ages trying to figure out video editing, which I never did figure out. I think I need to research which one to use. There's muvee maker, but it takes away the audio of the video, and they insist I make a cartoon out of my video. There's no 'normal, boring' settings. Just funky ones like oldies, and comedy and romance filled with flying hearts.

It's good to find out about this things because it's not like I have anything else to waste my time over. I've figure out CSS styling, some, so next up is video. Before I know it, I'll be digi-scrappping.

Call the World for Pennies From The USA

The hard thing about spending money on the phone is that the more you spend, the more you resent spending longer on the phone. With Mobiltalk by Pocket 8 you save a huge amount of money, and you have less resentment ‘wasting’ your time on calls to people who won’t let you off the phone. When you’re on vacation, the last thing you need is a huge bill added to your travel expenses for when you get home. What you would like instead is something inexpensive, which the new Voip provides. Mobiltalk is perfect for this, you don’t need a calling card or pin codes, who can remember those anyway,
You don’t need an expensive ‘data plan’, I never could get on top of what that’s going to cost, no ‘connection fees’, listen why do other companies charge you a ‘connection fee’, isn’t that another word for ‘making a phone call’? You don’t need a ‘hot spot’, another phrase for, who knows where? With Mobiltalk by Pocket 8 you get high quality digital calls or voip international and you save more than 90% over typical international mobil phone charges.

For instance, you can call Australia for 3 cents a minute!

Mexico , again, 3 cents a minute! Compare that with the high cost of having to drive down there and talk in person, which would be cheaper than typical mobil phone charges.

Germany , 3 cents a minute! That is much cheaper than buying a ticket on one of those new giant planes and flying over there, taking the Autobahn, who knows if that’s safe or not, and then trying to find whoever it is you were talking to, which, again, is cheaper than some international mobil phone charges.

Obsessed with Cleaning

Today, I let two orders expired. Not deliberately, but it happened. It happened because I was cleaning my refrigerator from top to bottom. It's really pretty and orderly in there, I just want to live in my ref. It took me most morning because I was cooking while cleaning and baking too. That's me, multitasker extraordinaire.

Finance Genius

With all the sub prime rate news, frankly I have no clue what’s going on with the lending market. I don’t think the new laws will have room for independent contractors like me to buy a house, so I guess I better take care of this one. At this point, if I have to do any more borrowing, I hope not, I’m going to check out FinanceGenius, they seem to know about getting a loan for car, education, or buying insurance or just helping figure out budget. Have you heard of Gap Insurance? This is an important insurance when your car gets totalled. GAP means Guaranteed Asset Protection. If you want to check it out, let me know what you think.

Hopefully, I’ll win the lottery, and they can help me figure out how to keep it all in savings.

Weight Watching

I bet you're thinking about that fantastic program which helps me lost weight. In my case, I haven't attended yet. I want to, but there's no time. Not if I want to read my books. Reading is one of my favorite thing to do. So, as of today, weight watching means just that. Watching my weight climb up.

The Importance of Portable Scanner

I folded my parachute quickly and stuffed it between a thick bush and the side of the house, I had no time to lose. Suddenly, I heard a rumble, the Secret Service Police were closing in, I lay flat on the ground. The Junkers K39 Troop Transport continued down the street, slowly, the danger had passed. Crawling, I found my gear: A German uniform rank of Colonel, a 355 semi-automatic Lugar, five spare clips, my laptop computer and a Scanshell 2000N Business portable scanner. I was ready, all I needed now was speed, cunning, and with any luck, find the extraction point and bring back what is needed to win the war.

It’s been three days, I’m finally inside. Three guards won’t be going home to their families, I must hurry. I’m going down the corridor, three doors to the right, that’s it.
‘Halt! What are you doing here?’

‘I’m on special orders from the High Command, we believe there is a spy trying to infiltrate the highest levels of Security. If you do not return to your post, I shall have you sent to the front by this time tomorrow.’

Well, that didn’t work, I had to put the poor fellow out of his misery. There was no time to lose, found the right box, inside were twenty business cards of the most trusted generals of the regime. After powering up my laptop, I began scanning the twenty cards. It was going to be close, the next shift of fresh guards was only moments away.

Running down the street, I abruptly stopped in my tracks, a sense of horror coming over me, directly in front of me was a platoon of Black Shirts, standing with their rifles at the ready.

‘What are you doing in this part of town, Colonel!?’

I knew I had only moments before it was all over. I clicked on the software for Microsoft Outlook and sent the data to the P51 Mustang flying directly overhead. As I lay on the ground, my last vision was of the Mustang dipping it’s wings, the signal that they had received the transmission, the end of the war assured.


It's all freezing again. I haven't seen snow, but I bet it's coming up next. Right around now, I'd love to be sitting in a warm beach resort all sweaty. The only time I can get to sweat now is if I leave this chair and start scrubbing my floor. Yep, from kitchen to garage. Can you think of any other way to sweat while it's freezing outside?

Hotel Reservations

New Year in Las Vegas would really be awesome. I am shopping for hotel rates because I'm more likely going to need two rooms. I find it really stressful when shopping for rates because I worry that there's a better deal somewhere else I'm missing. But now with Hotel Reservations, I am not going to worry anymore.

If we stay in Las Vegas between December 31 to January 2, I have different options of hotels, motels, resorts, or even vacation rental. I can sort them by price or by quality. It's super easy. In fact, I'm going to book a travel arrangement with them right now. For your travelling needs, especially for places to stay, go to Hotel Reservations. You'll be very glad you did.

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Heeled Mule

I like high-heeled mules. It's this slide in shoes which makes for a perfect accessory to jeans if you want to dress it up a little. I went out today and noticed that most everyone I saw was wearing heeled-mules. It became a style and I hardly noticed til today. I wore mine and I gain 4 inches more.

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I only heard a snipet of Dianne Rhem's show today. I thought she is an old, old lady. It turned out that she has spasmodic dysphonia, a neurological condition that causes strained, difficult speech.

Today's show was about soccer and discrimination. The men's team charges 7 USD for something, and the women's team only 4 USD. A lot of ladies called in complaining about discrimination because the fees suggest that the women are not good enough. As I said, I only heard a little of the show, so I didn't quite know how the 3$ difference makes it a discrimination. Sometimes, I think that the word "discrimination" is bastardized. It's used so much, it's lost is power, and it's meaning.

The Perfect Bed - Sleep By The Number

Sleep is very important. Do you know you can avoid some diseases by having quality sleep? Sleep is even more important as we age. It's our body's way of replenishing so it can go on more efficiently the next day. Sleep can affect major decisions in life. It is no wonder it's an eternal quest for some to get good sleep. For some people, sleep is very easy. They can lie down and sleep. However, others struggled to go to sleep. They will lie down, toss and turn, and changed countless of positions, and still they cannot sleep.

The major factor for sleep is comfort. Unless you're one of the special ones who can sleep anywhere, sleeping is all about comfort. My husband cannot sleep in a a too firm bed because he could not become comfortable. I have to have firm bed. I am used to it. So, we either go with soft mattress, in which case, I could not be comfortable, or a firm mattress which he could not become comfortable.

My husband and I make a compromise. However, with select comfort, we don't have to compromise on comfort anymore. We can share a bed and have our comforts too. My side can be firm, and his soft. This is the best thing that revolutionizes sleep. The best part is these beds come in all kinds of sizes. Do not worry if it's not quite in your budget, they offer financing too.

I ♥ Fall

I took this picture with my 2.0 MP phone camera. Isn't it great? For a 2 MP phone camera that is. I was driving along, all busy about life, when I noticed it's fall. I can't believe I almost missed it. All those yellow and orange and countless shades of browns just makes for such a beautiful scenery. Yes, fall means cleaning up the leaves off the grown and all that, but it's also beautiful. I can delay cleaning up the leaves in my yard. I should roll around in it a couple of times, and when I'm done, I can just leave it for mulch for the spring. Isn't nature great?

Prime Dating Sites

Every body needs some body in this world. If not now, then eventually you'll want to find someone. I know that it is more romantic to find that perfect-for-you someone on your own. Maybe meeting them in the subway, cafes, or school campus, however, people are just so busy these days working. Often it is near impossible to find that wonderful someone on our own to spend time with.

Isn't it wonderful that there's a website that does all the work for you? It's specially design to find enthralling dating personals sites to meet a single man or woman on the Internet. Whether you're looking to date for good times sake, or to find a match which can hopefully lead to your soul mate, this site has it all. The have reviews of famous sites like or, American Singles, and so much more! It's not just about one site, but a whole lot of different famous sites. They've tested it for you so you don't have to. You can just select one of the best and use that extra time you save on dating.

The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

image from fantastic've been reading this book for a while now. It is set in England and I think later on, some foreign shore. In movie terms, this book is a blockbuster. I read a little bit at a time. It's a story about a good bad guy named Sid Malone and a rich-girl-woman-doctor named India Jones. I'm only on chapter 5 of the story. Already, Sid and India have met twice. Once in a bar and then later on, at the hospital where Sid was fighting a raging fever due to a big cut on his side while submerged in the river Thames. I guess Thames is not the place to be when you have a cut. Jones had just graduated from medical school at a time when they barely acknowledge women doctors. She works for what appears to be a do-gooder doctor, which turned out to be a facade only...for the other doctor that is. I like this book and I'll see what happens after this.

Payday Loan Quotes

Times are not always perfect. Sometimes, money ran out before the next paycheck arrives. It's scary when it happens, but not catastrophic. There's Payday loans. It helps bridge the gap between paycheck. There's loan available from $100 to $500 dollars. Money can be write to you bank account in just a matter of seconds. While it's always preferable to live within our means, there's Payday loans for those times when we need a little bridging. It's just a little more security.

Holidays at the Mall

Have you noticed that each holiday season, the mall gets so crowded. You'd think with the Season of giving and joy, people will be a whole lot nicer...not! They tend ot shove and glared at each other. Being inside a mall during the holidays in a dreadful thing. The music is nice and jolly, and the people are stressed and sullen. People should remember that it's the holidays. Try not to glare so much. If you're naturally glary, you might consider staying at home until you're in a better mood.

Personalized Holiday Gifts!

I really like the idea of personalized anything. Not just because of ego, but because it's so helpful sometimes. For the holidays, I would dearly love to get Personalized Flash Drives. I want a few of them in different colors so I can carry my pictures and notes with me. They're helpful and convenient. I want a few so that I would never lost all of my pictures again just because I have misplaced "the" flash drives. I can give them to family members I like. It's just so cool. In these seasons of gift giving, nothing can top this. This is a perfect gift for every one because it's digital age. Every body could really use one. If they don't need it now, they're going to need it soon.

I just want to say that this great site is the place to get it because
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Explain, Explain, Explain!

I have a family in the Philippines. I missed them. I wish I could see them more often. A few days ago, a brother-in-law of mine had an accident. He's fine, but his family was told he's close to having a heart attack because his triglycerides are quite high. Yesterday, I got an e-mail saying they require a thyroid panel. For what? What do they need to know about protein in blood for? These are expensive tests, and from the sound of it, unnecessary right now. I wish doctors and nursers and hospitals do not require tests which only cost money but has not direct relevance to making the patient well. This is like scalping, except worse because they're scaring the family unnecesarily.

I Dreamed of Key West

There are so many romantic stories set on Key West. I read a lot of romance books. It's really no wonder why I would want to visit Key West, Florida. I'm thinking that a spring trip would be better than summer of winter, but it has to be after the Spring Break. Who can enjoy a crowded beach?

I'm planning my trip with Trusted Tours and Attractions. If you signed up for newsletter now, you can win 4 free tickets to any of the attractions in 21 cities which they have. I plan to go snorkelling, take the Key West Glass Bottom Boat tour, Key West Stars and Moonlight Sail (I am imagining that this is going to be so romantic), and so much more.

Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discounted rates to the Key West attractions which I planned to experience and see. In addition, they offer competitive hotel rates. They have information about the city you want to explore, they even have photos available to whet your appetite in case you're not quite decided yet. They have maps, and weather information.

Maps, what? You might think that's nothing special. Not true! These informations are offered in one great page of Trusted Tours and Attractions. This is why you should head over there now and see for yourself. This isn't just another site, this is one great site!

I Didn't Know

Timothy Olyphant is such a hottie. He's this angry guy in Live Free or Die Hard, another movie I enjoyed. All those explosions! Still, I just recently realized that I like bald guy. There's Jason Statham, then there's Agent 47. He's hot, and he keeps his pants zipped! Yes, even when there's a naked lady dripping all over him. What's not to like about this sexy hunk of a man?

Yes, some people are great with long hair like Daniel Day Lewis, but others rock when they're bald.

LapBand by JourneyLite

There is hope for obesity. It reduces stomach size so one can get full faster, and reduce weight gain. Being obese is not easy. It can limit the way we live our lives. Short of starving ourselves, which is not a guaranteed method, there's hope. One of the solutions offered is tampa weight loss. Here you can go in for consultation, and they'll help you through the process of getting your insurance approve, have the surgery and the extensive recovery needed after. They even have free seminar. Check them out now.

Red is the Season's Color

I love red. They remind me of the holidays. They remind me of the chocolate holiday. Don't know what that is? It's Valentine. Sure we're not done with December, but it's not too early to think of Valentines. I can't wait for PS I Love You to come out in theaters. I'm watching it for Gerard Butler of course. He's so sexy!

See what I mean?

Oh la la!

The Best Season's Gift Giving Source

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