The Importance of Portable Scanner

I folded my parachute quickly and stuffed it between a thick bush and the side of the house, I had no time to lose. Suddenly, I heard a rumble, the Secret Service Police were closing in, I lay flat on the ground. The Junkers K39 Troop Transport continued down the street, slowly, the danger had passed. Crawling, I found my gear: A German uniform rank of Colonel, a 355 semi-automatic Lugar, five spare clips, my laptop computer and a Scanshell 2000N Business portable scanner. I was ready, all I needed now was speed, cunning, and with any luck, find the extraction point and bring back what is needed to win the war.

It’s been three days, I’m finally inside. Three guards won’t be going home to their families, I must hurry. I’m going down the corridor, three doors to the right, that’s it.
‘Halt! What are you doing here?’

‘I’m on special orders from the High Command, we believe there is a spy trying to infiltrate the highest levels of Security. If you do not return to your post, I shall have you sent to the front by this time tomorrow.’

Well, that didn’t work, I had to put the poor fellow out of his misery. There was no time to lose, found the right box, inside were twenty business cards of the most trusted generals of the regime. After powering up my laptop, I began scanning the twenty cards. It was going to be close, the next shift of fresh guards was only moments away.

Running down the street, I abruptly stopped in my tracks, a sense of horror coming over me, directly in front of me was a platoon of Black Shirts, standing with their rifles at the ready.

‘What are you doing in this part of town, Colonel!?’

I knew I had only moments before it was all over. I clicked on the software for Microsoft Outlook and sent the data to the P51 Mustang flying directly overhead. As I lay on the ground, my last vision was of the Mustang dipping it’s wings, the signal that they had received the transmission, the end of the war assured.

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