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Tyra's Stalker

Looks like Tyra Bank's stalker is caught. It can't be fun to have someone stalking you.

I can't decide if Tyra's hot or not. I mean when she's doing that talk show trying hard to be the next Oprah, she's not. Pretty I mean. On the other hand, she is a model for Victoria's Secret for ages...so she much be pretty. My jury's still out on that one. This picture though, she's beautiful.

Don't Be a Dog

Okay, that title is way more interesting that what I wanted to say. Our dog, Haiku, loves to slobber all over anyone unlucky enough to be within his licking range. She doesn't like to bath so much. The stink...oh the stink! It's too cold to give her a bath as she doesn't like to be inside the house. I can't wait for warmer weather, if only to make my dog smell nice. She's a great dog though, just shy of hardwoord floors. She slides on it.

Comparing Mortgages

I have more than one mortgages. Most of them are on a fixed rate. This means that the interests can go up or down but it will not affect the amount of mortgage payment I have. I find that I like it that way. True, I missed out on the big savings when the interest rate go down, but on the other hand, I don't have to scamper around to cover the rise in interest when that happens.

One of my properties have variable interest rate. For the first year, it was alrigt because nothing much had changed. But this year alone have made my payments change (+/-)75 dollars. If the property is a rental, it's a pain. It's not like I can also raise and lower my tenants rent as changes happens. If you have variable rates, then Tracker Mortgages can help with keeping up with the changes in rates. Here's why you should visit this site if you're thinking of buying a property:
The tracker mortgage differs from the Standard Variable Rate (STV) in that the interest rate is directly tied to the Bank of England base rate, and does not follow the lender’s rate, which would always be higher. The incentive, particularly to the first time buyer, is that the margin is set to a maximum of only 1% or 2% above the Bank of England base rate. And in some extraordinary cases it may even be set below the rate. This means that repayments during the life of the tracker offer, (usually from 2 to 5 years), are invariably cheaper than with other standard mortgages.

On Underwear and How it Feels

PhotobucketFor something we women don't wear outside, we spend a lot of thought on underwear. What, you don't believe me? How come Victoria's Secret is having brisk business? True a big part of that business might be men buying lingerie for their other person, but a big part of those purchases are from ordinary women with extra-ordinary taste. An underwear can give you courage. It can make you feel naughty, or even make you feel dowdy. Nothing dowdier than having to buy a tent of an underwear while pregnant. I'd surely like for some sexy pregnant underwear.

In order to do that, we'd have to start with designer a covering for a watermelon. Let's face it, pregnancy looks and feels pretty much like carrying one of those huge watermelon. The soonest they can put a sexy underpants on a watermelon, the faster pregnant women can have sexy underwear. And, yeah, comfortable too...but let's start with sexy shall we?

There's a New Hip Hop Site in Town

I listen to music and I don't really know which genre it is. I know I enjoy it and would shake my booty to the tunes. I'd hear artist like Kanye West, and someone informed me what kind of music it is. I'm glad to discover on hip hop news about a site where I can purchase to my iTunes music I like for a dollar. Sometimes, I only like one music, and I like that I have that option now. This site is actually fun to navigate. They have picture and artist biography along with their music. There's new releases album on the front page and you can go just about anywhere from there.

Morbid News

I have read on the news that a woman throw her 6 and 8 year old off a bridge equivalent to 4 storeys.

It's hard to fathom that a mother can actually do this. I mean, it's your children. I thought that if you're a mother, your first and last thought should be to protect your children from harm. It boggles the mind how anyone could do this. I mean I know a few people who did nasty things which affects their children.

I'd like to think that was just an equivalent of a friendly fire. The children werent' the target, rather, they just got caught in the middle of it all. But to throw two children off a bridge...that's Susan Smith league (remember the woman who drown her two children in a car?)

Photo Hunt: I Spy

This weeks is...

I spy this great doorway when I was running errand. I took the chance to take this picture because it's just so nice. It's also because I have my camera handy. Houses in my neighborhood is getting replaced by no less than 5500 square feet houses.


Laughter The Best Medicine

This is one of my favorite section in Reader's Digest. I read this publication way back when I was a kid growing up in the Philippines. It makes me laugh, it helps me with my English, and spelling. I think that Reader's Digest should be a must read for every one.

I'm not being paid to say this. I just really like Reader's Digest. See that picture above? They have that on their magazines. Some of the funny tasteful jokes I've learn to tell comes from this magazine. It's just really sad I haven't had a chance to read much magazine. Too busy with life, but I'm thinking, it's time to subscribe again.

Termites Eating Your Home?

One of our rentals have termite infestation three years ago. We noticed because parts of the walls behind picture frames are being eating. Tracks all over the place. We called a few company to help with termites treatment. They're very expensive. But if it's your house, you don't want to take a chance of it falling down on your head. This site discusses issues with termites.

There was also a house we bought with termites infestation but the seller didn't tell this. I could have use website like this which tells me how to do a termite inspection so I could tell for myself. I could have save myself a lot of trouble, or at the very least, save myself money. Information is power, so if you want to know about termites, click on one of the links on this post.

Spring Break

We have an early spring break. One week earlier than the colleges. But then, we also have daylight savings time kicked off three weeks earlier than every body else. This picture about is from Six Flags. When you ride the Log Flume, you see this right before you climb up a steep incline for the exciting drop near the end of the ride.

Here's the steep incline I am talking about.

Edrugstore - Cheapest Name Brand Prescription Drugs

It's not always easy to fill prescription drugs relating to sexuality. We get self-conscious, and would worry who sees the packages we carry from the pharmacy. I know I would be. I'd want to wear a camouflage to pick up mine. This is why it is heaven sent that Edrugstore.md is here to give us the privacy we need. They're guaranteed to have the cheapest name brand prescription drugs online.

If you're worried about generic or cheap imitation drugs, there is no need. They only purchase directly from US drug companies. They only see FDA-approved prescription medications. Be assured that the medicine you receive is not fake or counterfeit medications. There's a $20 off the first time you refill online.

What this means is that for name brand prescription drugs like Viagra, you can't find a better place to get it. It's online, so it's private and discrete. Every one should buy Viagra online, for savings and privacy. Fid out more about viagra at this site in their health articles section.

The site have changed it's looks. It's an established online pharmacy selling the best-priced, authentic prescription drugs online. They have "Ask a Physician" section, and "Health articles." Besides having the best-priced prescription drugs, they have information that goes a long way to educating every one.

Who Picks This Ad? Off with Their Head

How could Hillary's people bought a stock image and not check who the person is? This stock ad they bought end up being from the very person campaigning for Obama already. How screwed up is that? So maybe, the person who picked up this ad shouldn't be beheaded, but this is rather a famous mistake now.

Photo Hunt: Different

Yes, this is something different for us. We went to visit an Aunt in Oklahoma City. Usually, our stops would be Wal-Mart or gas station stores. This time, we followed a sign off highway 35 and saw this.

It's not always convinient to stop and read plaques off the highway, but this time, we did something different. It was lots of fun.


The Jane Austen Book Club

My husband picked this as audio book for me last year. I listened to this while doing laundry. It's about six Californians who formed a book club discussing only Jane Austen's books. There's only 6.

I am pretty new to Jane Austen myself. I only start reading Pride and Prejudice because the reading club I joined was so into Jane Austen. I didn't want to feel left out. I like Pride and Prejudice. I might have fallen in love with Mr. Darcy, thought I would personally date him. He's aloof and bordering on rude.

On the other hand, Matthew McFaden and Colin Firth makes for wonderful Mr. Darcy. So, back to this book-turned-into-movie, I like the movie much better. It's enjoyable and fun.

Favorite line?
Isn't it better to quit while we're ahead?
Uttered by Jimmy Smits as a consolation for his cheating on his wife.

Your Compensation Right!

I had an ectopic pregnancy once. I went to my doctor about it, though at that time, I didn't know I have an ectopic pregnancy. My Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a peptide hormone produced in pregnancy that is made by the embryo soon after conception and later by the placenta, was rising. It was rising at half the rate it should if I were pregnant. Two days before my tubes ruptured, I was told I had a miscarriage and to not worry anymore. I was in pain, but I stopped worrying about it, until I landed in emergency room. I had laparoscopy and lost a tube.

I would like to think that if I had the strength to do it then, I would be compensated for that doctor's arrogance. Accident Compensation means that I might have made sure that doctor won't let her arrogance almost kill another woman again. I had to pay for hospitals bills for surgery because of that doctor's stupidity. Keypoint claims would have been a big help if I knew about them then. I'd settle for not having to pay a penny for something that wasn't my fault. Nowadays, you can take a pill to dissolve blockage in fallopian tubes and avoid surgery. They have a No Win No Fee agreement which makes it secure for clients seeking compensation. They make everything simple and easy for you. Why not talk to their specialist now to see if they can help you.

Books into Movies

Last night I saw The Other Boleyn Girl. It was a great book and the movie is not so bad. The movie will always differ from the book either by artistic rendering or for effect. I was happy with the movie. I'll probably read the book again to see what changed. Eric Bana is a wet-your-knickers actor. He's great as King Henry. I think this movie was great!

Natalie Portman as Anne is perfect! And so is Scarlett Johansson as Mary. Have you seen the movie? How did you like it?

Safety Net

Business Insurance is sometimes very tricky to keep. There's always inspection, and extra requirements, long after the premiums have been paid. I hear a few business owner foregoing insurance because of the sheer headache which comes with it. In my personal experience, I find it to be both easy and hard. Sometimes, a good insurance agent can make a big difference in finding an insurance that is right for you. On the other hand, I'm more tempted to not insure my property if given a choice. This is not a smart choice. Without insurance, there is no safety net to catch me when something goes wrong.

I know someone who has a limousine service. His accessories like television would periodically get stolen, yet he still has not purchase insurance. It's the mountain pile of requirements which most people would rather not deal. He'd rather take his own money and replace television than having to file claim for it. What happens when he has to keep buying this on a month when profits are lean?

Sometimes, this is not optional. If you have an apartment to let which you and a bank owe, insurance is a must. This is where Business Insurance comes in handy. There's always some company out there who'll have business owner's best interest. This is one of them. It's relatively easy to get quote for public/employer's liability, goods in transit, residential let property, commercial property, wholesalers, factory, professional endemnity, and so much more. It's worth checking out.