On Underwear and How it Feels

PhotobucketFor something we women don't wear outside, we spend a lot of thought on underwear. What, you don't believe me? How come Victoria's Secret is having brisk business? True a big part of that business might be men buying lingerie for their other person, but a big part of those purchases are from ordinary women with extra-ordinary taste. An underwear can give you courage. It can make you feel naughty, or even make you feel dowdy. Nothing dowdier than having to buy a tent of an underwear while pregnant. I'd surely like for some sexy pregnant underwear.

In order to do that, we'd have to start with designer a covering for a watermelon. Let's face it, pregnancy looks and feels pretty much like carrying one of those huge watermelon. The soonest they can put a sexy underpants on a watermelon, the faster pregnant women can have sexy underwear. And, yeah, comfortable too...but let's start with sexy shall we?

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