Killer Plant

I think this is one of the killer plant Home Depot sell. I don't know exactly how vicious this is, or how it's deadly, but that's what the label said. Or maybe not. I totally forget what's it called. I remember almost buying it, but then, I have read enough horror stories, or maybe remember enough people-eating-plant stories my mother told me, I practically ran away from it. It's scary. What if it ate the wrong person?

Lyrics for Hip Hop

My daughter introduced to me hip hop. She's forever surfing the radio channels hoping to find one that's playing her favorite song. I found her the mother-lode of all Rap Lyrics. She's going to thank me, she'll probably sew a dress for me in gratefulness. We like Rocko's Hustle Fo. The song is very nice, it's practically better than Slim Shady.

Muggy Day

I was waiting outside my kids's classes yesterday noticed just how hot it was. Then someone said it wasn't so much hot as muggy. Muggy just meant that the clouds is filled with water already, so even when I was sweating, there is no cooling relief because the sweat does not evaporate. It just sits on my skin, I might as well be under hot water. I think Phoenix, Arizona have it good. They have dry heat. It's an oven out there in the summer, but it's dry heat.

All You Might Need to Know

It doesn't matter where you live, great information about criminal anything is right here at Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers Blog | California Criminal Law Discussions. These are former District Attorneys. This means they're better than good. They're the one place a person can go to if you're suspected of criminal wrong-doings, the kind that needs a lawyer that is. If you're writing mystery, then it's difinitely the place to go.


I find that I like gardening. I thought it's unpleasant to be touching dirt, but I find myself lost in it for hours on it. Then I see my flowers bloom, and there's nothing like it. It's feels very good indeed. I'm so happy with my garden...or the promise of one.

Victoria's Secret

We're watching our recorded shows earlier when several Victoria's Secret ad came on. Is it just me of their model looked weird? Other than being slim and all, I can't figure it out. I used to find them real sexy, but if I were a lesbian, I'd have a hard time getting turned by that. So, was it just me or they look 'off'? I think my favorite ad lately is the PC and Mac Guy. They're just so funny, even if Mac is making fun of PC. I have window Vista and it's working just find, thank you very much.

Go On Vacation

I don't usually advise people to go on vacation on a borrowed money. But sometimes, life just sucks, and that vacation is such a lifeline, it can't be helped. That when you Vacation Loans. My little brother could certainly use it. All he does is work and work but someone else is stealing his money. It's his fault really for saying, "I Do." For him, it's the worse thing that ever happened to him. He can qualify for this loan because all he does is work, and he has a valid US bank account, and makes the required net income. Yes, vacation loans should be the last thing on your mind, but isn't it wonderful that companies like this makes it possible when you really need one?

Review: Hot Ice by Nora Roberts

I just love an adventurous guy. I also love cute face and sexy body. I do. I find them highly attractive. What I don't find attractive is a thief wrapped up in this sexy package. But then again, I'm not Whitney MacAllister who years for adventure. I wasn't the one who had to be around Douglas Lord, a charming, handsome, first rate thief.

This book is action-packed, with a spicy romance and a heroine who is not a simpering idiot. I just cannot stand a simpering heroine. It makes me want to dive into the book and knock her around a bit. This is one of my favorite Nora Roberts book.

What is your favorite Nora Roberts?

Are You Getting Annoying Calls?

Are you getting annoying calls in your cell phone? I bought a prepaid cell phone and the single most annoying thing it has is the numerous calls I get. I try to only answer the calls which are on my phone book, but sometimes, I forget. It sucks up my minute. I get over ten different numbers a day. Just in case some of those numbers are from the people I know, I am very glad to find out about Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. It used to be impossible to get cell phone number information. This is a good start.

What I should have done first thing is put my number in "No Call List Information". That would probably cut my annoying calls in half. I can still do it, it will take effect in 30 days on most phone. Sometimes, it won't work, but then, you can report each number you get. Isn't technology great?

Mildly Hallucinogenic

This is mildly hallucinogenic. I didn't know which tree I have, but it looks like a 'silk worm's favorite' tree. When the berries are green, that's when it's hallucinogenic. Lots of birds favor my yard, I wonder if they're here because they're tripping. Seriously. I saw the most fabulous cardinal and blue jays on my yard daily. Isn't that interesting?

Reverse Phone Lookup Service

"No Call List" . This is the best defense against getting unwanted call. I find it annoying that I have to pay extra 8 dollars a month to block my phone number because of telemarketers. They always seem to call at the most inconvinient time. But, if the somehow end up with your phone, there's a Reverse Phone Lookups. I don't know about you, but I really like getting to know the number that shows up on my caller ID. Especially the hang ups. Those annoy me the most. Thank goodness for this new technology, I can at least figure out where a call is coming from.

We Got Talent

I have some fabric. Actually, I have tons of fabric, but since we moved, I've been so busy unpacking and arranging. Last weekend was the first time I get a chance to play with patterns. I was missing some lining, but hey, I wanted to finish something, so I did. It's a little lopsided. I should have put the fabric with the curving edge on top of the straight edge so they fit. I've learned my lessons and will do it better next time.

What do you think of that?

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

We have a friend abroad who got a donated bed when they just got married. After spending the night on it, his wife had to be hospitalized from the bedbugs bites. She's very allergic. They did not know how to kill bedbugs, so they threw away the bed and would never get used furniture again. Information is weapon, and if they knew about, perhaps, they won't be so afraid to get slightly used furniture pieces. Bedbugs are scary, but with good information about it, it can be avoided.

Becoming Jane Austen

Ever since I watched Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice, the BBC series, I have gone Colin Firth/Mr. Darcy Crazy, and Jane Austen too. I borrowed Becoming Jane Austen movie on DVD, and I have been trying to finished it for the last month. Yes, month! The story does not capture me. After watching Atonement with that sexy Scottish actor, I noticed he's on this Jane Austen movie, too. So, next chance I get, I'm going to finish watching this movie.

Lap Band Surgery

I used to be less than 90 pounds, wear size 0 clothes. Now, I'm wearing much bigger sizes. I had thought of exercising, but I'm in my mid-30s now, and it would be long and arduous work. I considered consulting with a (thought I suspectlap-band doctor because it might be the way to go for me. I've struggled with my weight long enough. If you're in the same situation, why not consider having a lap band surgery? It's probably safer than other kinds of weight reduction solution out there.


I have this tree in my yard that bears fruit similar to a raspeberry. I was confused about it for the longest time because it's a tree. I went to google and asked around for a berry looking tree. I found an answer as usual. It's a Mulberry tree. I was confused because the famous children song goes like these:
All around the mulberry bush
the monkey chase the weasel...
It didn't say tree! Anyway, I have a mulberry tree in my yard.

The Case of Lust

So, I find myself in a shoe store the other day. It's like being in a library. It's relaxing. But the relaxation doesn't last very long. It's like petting alligators, and I mean that in a live, still breathing way. With so many choices of shoes, all affordable, and most are beautiful, suddenly, it's all very stressful. I'd go home with all the choices I want, but I would need to build a whole new house to arrange them properly. That's not an option right now. I mean even Imelda Marcus didn't build a whole new house for her shoes. So, I was left with the hardest decision of all. I had to come home with only one pair of shoes until I can get rid of the ones I already have.


The Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer

They say almost doesn't really count, but I bet if I had Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn for lawyers, I'd have made the doctor who almost got me killed pay for the hospital bills. I was suffering my constant bleeding. My doctor had assured me that it's only residual from spontaneously aborted (miscarriage) of the fetus. I would have been alright with that assessment if I still didn't hurt. My HCGH (the hormones which tells if you have a baby in your uterus) was rising, but at the rate much less than that of the normal pregnancy. This doctor ignored the test result, and she was sure because she has been a doctor for a long time. Not more than 48 hours later, my fallopian tube rapture, and I bleed internally. If my husband hadn't insisted I go to the ER, I'd have been dead. If you're in need of the best Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer , then you couldn't do much better than the law firm of Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn. If you're fighting to preserve your right, then there's not other choice but the best.

Winning is Great

I won lots of book prizes lately. I love it! Nothing like being a winner that gets me in a happy places. Now, I just need to find a nice quiet corner and read all my prizes. I mean, I have lots and lots of it.

Cleaning Dervish

I get a bunch of boxes for my garage today. The boxes contains books. I love books, and I love boxes and boxes of them. The problem was, my garage was so disorganized, I can't even walk in there. I went in and started tossing in the trash piles all boxes that were devoid of contents, aka empty. It's amazing how much space I created. Congrats to me.

On another news, my poor little brother is paying for a lawyer so he can get screwed again. Yep, you got that right. Screwed, as in royally. He's slowly but surely being stripped of every thing. I think he should fire his lawyer, she's next to useless and she's in cahoots with the bitchy not-quite-ex-wife who sleep around with other people while 'pretending to be married' to my brother. The marriage should be annuled. If it's done under fake reason, and designed to cheat the other person of their right to know clearly what they're in for, then the marriage is no good.

Anyways, I think my brother needs lots of prayers. You know what they say, gotta pick up a spouse carefully because you could end up with a spouse like my brother has. What a nightmare his life has been. All of it. All marriage-part of it.

Distance learning with Kaplan

I love these new digital cameras, I’ve been taking more pictures of my later children as they grow up, there’s no cost for film, there’s no cost for developing pictures before you see them only to discover a blurry or missed shot. You can take so many more pictures, so that the one’s you do keep are the higher quality. I remember having to limit my snap shots because there are only so many left on the role. Further, the ‘speed’ of the film was much more limited than what we have with digital cameras today. I’m taking more photos and videos of our kids simply because it fun, free and most of all, meaningful.

More and more people are learning that being with your children as much as possible while they are growing up is much more important that going to some strange office and building a relationship with a boss and co-workers who would just as soon never see you again when you leave. It’s hard to think of anything as important as family, and I look for ways to live at home yet not be broke all the time with no growth. I don’t need to be an expert in TV watching, I suspect there isn’t much challenge in that nor much demand for skilled TV watchers.

There are TV programs which have a lot of education included, I like the Universe show with lots of astronomy which actually is better than any astronomy class. They have the computer graphics and presentations I really think is second to none. They have the budget for showing the best presentation which outclasses any one teacher’s semester budget. Economies of scale allow for a better budget and graphics. There’s a lot you can do from home, I also listen to college pod casts while I’m walking around.

Then, if you want to take it further from home, there are respected training programs and Online Management Courses to get the certification you might want, for instance, open universities where you can study from home to gain a foundation degree in Business and Management, Marketing and Sales, Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing, such as Kaplan Open Learning.

In today's very competitive marketplace, no one can afford to be stagnant in their education. Just like computers, workers must upgrade if there's any hope of promotion or increase in salaries. Today's fast pace world demands it. The only glitch is, with fast pace world, almost every one is strapped for time. Who has time to go to campuses? Online Management Courses is the key to have it all.

MySpace Addiction

It makes me wonder how addicted to MySpace does one have to be to neglect a child falling out the window. Fox news have this story about a 24-year-old mother who was busy with her MySpace account, she didn't notice her 3-year-old girl fell out the 2nd story building and fractured her skull! What with Mother's Day coming, I guess she won't be getting a Mother's Day special gift from her daughter because, well, she's busy recovering from a fractured skull in the hospital.

Effective Treatment for Male Dysfunction

Every one have heard of the wonder drug called viagra. This is an important drug which I am sure have save a marriage at some time in it's history. Intimacy is such a big part of marriage or any relationship. What is not very common is viagra's heart benifits. Read about it and you'll see what you might not know about viagra. For everything else you might not know about viagra, check this out.

My Adorable Tom

Let me tell you, this picture. Hot! I mean, it's Tom Cruise, and he's hot. I know he's gone a littlte on the deep end at Oprah's, and then he's a Scientologist. But this picture? It's totally hot. It's just the right pick me up any woman need in the morning. Hubba hubba!

What can I say, I become a blathering ninny when faced with such a picture. Move over Kate, I'm oggling Tom now. See that wet spot on the shirt, looks like he's done.