Are You Getting Annoying Calls?

Are you getting annoying calls in your cell phone? I bought a prepaid cell phone and the single most annoying thing it has is the numerous calls I get. I try to only answer the calls which are on my phone book, but sometimes, I forget. It sucks up my minute. I get over ten different numbers a day. Just in case some of those numbers are from the people I know, I am very glad to find out about Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. It used to be impossible to get cell phone number information. This is a good start.

What I should have done first thing is put my number in "No Call List Information". That would probably cut my annoying calls in half. I can still do it, it will take effect in 30 days on most phone. Sometimes, it won't work, but then, you can report each number you get. Isn't technology great?

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