Romulus My Father - Starring Eric Bana & Franka Potente

I saw this movie last night. I think this might have been a true story of this little boy in the movie. Excellent acting, and so sad and depressing. In fact, if it wasn't Eric Bana, I wouldn't have finished watching it. I'm glad I did though. I don't know how any child would survive an experience, a life like that unscathed. I would difinitely recommend this movie. It's worth watching. The girl Franka Potente, was the same one from Bourne Identity. I'm surprised at how pretty she is, because she wasn't attractive at all with Matt Damon.

Here's Bana, look and drool :)

Never Too Early

I'm one of those people who have to buy everything early or it is never done. I have so much to do, and I love reading. Halloween Costumes is one of those chores. It's almost August, and then it's that time of year again before I know it. This site has so much to offer, and I don't have to leave my home to get it. A huge plus if you are busy like me. I'm probably going to end up with 4 different version of Sponge Bob because my boys like that show. I don't know if I'll be wearing costume this year, but I think it would be fun for my kids if I do. I'll probably go for Tinker bell if I lost the requisite weight by then. Otherwise, I'm going to have to go as a fat-bottomed girl who makes the rock and roll go round.

Love Actually with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightly, Professor Snapes

I saw this movie recently. There was a scene that I never forgot in this movie. It's where Colin Firth, as a writer named Henry, went to France. His wife cheated on him and that's probably why he went away. While there, he fell in love with his Portuguese maid. One day, his papers got swept by the wind and ended in the water. His maid jumped after it, but not before she stripped down to her undies.

Another scene was in a car, while he was driving her home. She said in her native language that it's not her favorite time of day because she has to leave him. He said in English that it's his favorite because he has her in the car with him. I just love it!

Then there's this scene with an extremely cute and handsome guy who's in love with this girl, but she's married to his best friend.

Sturday Pants

If you need pants that's sturdy and nice to look at, visit 5.11 tactical store. They have all kinds of pants that even the most active of boys can't break quickly. They have 5.11 Tactical TacLite Zip Off Pants - EXCLUSIVE NEW PANT. It's great for being on the go from dinner out, to going camping at dusk. Just unzip the legs and it's a shorts pronto. It's lighter on the luggage when you're travelling, too.

Handsome Blokes...From Different Movies

Timothy Olyphant. Have you seen Hitman? You have to! He's soooo good!

Colin Firth. Yeah, he's cute! He's Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. The Mr. Darcy!

Brandon Routh. Oh, my Superman. He's so cute! I get incoherent around sexy, cute people.

Christian Bale. I think he was in jail for assaulting his old mother and older sister. UK post didn't say much else. Still, he rocks are Batman and Laurie in Little Women. Still cute.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers. His eyes glows! Check him out in August Rush and Catch and Release.

Wordless Wednesday

Twillight by Stephenie Meyer

I can hardly wait to see this movie. I've read the book more than once, and so excited to see this. It's opening on December 8, and that's way too long! I'm not sure the actors are what I picture Edward and Bella to be, but if they're good, they'll make me enjoy the movie anyway. Have you ever read a book that turned into a movie? Were you happy with it?

Wordless Wednesday

That's Josh Holloway and Eric Bana up there. I was watching Lucky You last night. Now, I'm going to have to go and borrow all the Eric Bana movies I've missed. I can't wait til Lost DVD is out so I can ogle Josh to my hearts content.

Don't you think they're cute? I wish Josh Holloway would make lots and lots of movies so I can watch more of him!

We Like Sponge Bob

I used to dislike Sponge Bob because he's a smart aleck, and I thought would make for a bad role-model. Then one day, I was watching an episode because I was just too tired to get up and find the remote to change channel. I end up laughing my head off. It's that episode where Sponge Bob went to take an art lesson. From then on, I'm watching Sponge Bob all the time. I even bought the Sponge Bob cupcake to celebrate a birthday.

Rapidswitch for Server

RapidSwitch, a leading supplier of dedicated servers and one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the UK, is building a new data centre with a 20,000 server capacity, to meet growing customer demand.

Fit out work on the new site has commenced, and it will be ready for service in early 2009. The new site is near Maidenhead in Berkshire, close to the existing RapidSwitch Hosting Centre, enabling direct connectivity between the two sites at multiple 10 gigabit speeds. There is also diverse connectivity from the new site to London, again at multiple 10 gigabit speeds. The data centre is 600 racks in size, which will give a total capacity of 20,000 servers.

Are you opening a new online venture? Then consider RapidSwitch Dedicated Servers. They have customer service available 24 hours. That's very important since problems with sites are never limited to office hours. They have competitive prices, and you could not choose a better company to handle your dedicated servers, high end servers, colocation and server management. They make reliability and security top of their priority.


Satisfaction means having this on backgammon. I won two points. I was watching Ms. Universe from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last night. Ms. Venezuela won. She's cute, and her eyes flashes like some kind of robot. Really. You have to see it to believe it. This video is all the contestants this year. I missed all but the last 20 minutes of the show.

What's My Bills IQ?

I saw this Bills IQ and I immediately took the quiz to see how fit I am. I got a C. I wonder if this means I have to give up my dream of being financially independent and secure. It seems like just when all the bills are paid off, a new batch comes along. It's all those vacation and shopping trips. A big no would be shopping and biling it to my credit card knowing that I wouldn't be able to pay it all off.

Yes, I have credit card bills, but I'm never late in paying, but I have a large balance. I think that if I check my credit score regularly, I'd probably have a bigger grade in this IQ. Debt consolidation might be the thing to keep control of the interest rate.

Take this IQ test and find out strategies and information about your financial health. I know now what are the most important factor in my credit score. It's all about payment history, debt loads, and how much of my credit line I am using. I have heard somewhere than less than 30 percent is alright. Oh, I need to do better with my finances. I have below average of same gender and education in my area. Find out if you come up with a better grade.

Doing My Background

I've been thinking of doing my backyard for ages now. Budget and heat is keeping me from starting on it. I am thinking along the lines of having something relaxing like this picture above. It's from a contractor site from clicksmart. It's not my picture, it's theirs, I just forgot their name. I would like to redo my yard to something like that. Of course, I can't import the lake, but I can at least have the atmosphere.

Need Contractors?

I have a broken water line. I run to my phone book, and it seem like they only list companies who do not know how to answer phones, or have no phone manners. It's flooding all over, and I cant' find anyone that not overpriced, or can come out right away. I found that at, you can find Seattle Contractors plus contractors from almost all major cities in the US.

They're certified, meaning they're properly certified by the state they're located and have good standing with Better Business Bureau. That's more than my phone book can assure me. If you're thinking of having a little or even major job done in your home, check with clicksmart first. It's the intelligent way to do it.

Photo Hunt: Pointed

My brother won this trophy on a martial arts tournament. See the spectacular pointed feet as it kicks.

See where the pointed end of my speedometer? That's how fast I go in daylight in the highway if I want to avoid a ticket. Even then, that's about 5 miles over. I gotta slow down some more.

Bone Tired

What does it mean exactly to be bone-tired. I know bone cold. I've been there a time or two when I first arrive here. I do not know what bone-tired meant, but today I'm feeling it. I'm just so tired.

I want a fountain like this in my yard. I want it to face my bedroom French doors. I want to see it at night when I read my book. I want to listen to it when I'm reading in the morning.

See, I told you I'm tired. I never say so many wants until I'm cranky tired. I better take a nap.

Treadmills Guide

After I had my third child, I had gained an excess of 40 pounds. I was not very successful about diet, nor was I successful at losing weight somewhere else. What I had was a treadmill. I would run 5 miles on that thing for five days a week. I wasn't dieting. I also wasn't over-eating. The combine effect of treadmill running and eating just the right amount of food for me made me lose all the weight I've gained. I was a size 8, and shrunk all the way to size 2 after 6 months.

My husband is big on getting treadmill with good ratings. He'd research for months before making a decision to buy. TreadmillsGuru seem like a good place to check out ratings on different treadmills.

Getting to Know

I can't believe that I have not scrutinzed this city I live it. I drove around downtown the other day and found out that there are many buildings that are new to me. This one fascinates me because it looks beautiful. I don't know its name.

There are going to be high-rise condos in this area of downtown. The prices are astounding at over 350 thousand each unit. Buildings are going up fast and furious. I always thought of downtown as dangerous and a place to stay after dark. Now, there's going to be many people living there in their high rise apartments. Mind-boggling.

My Part D USA

My mother will be retiring in a few years. It's important that she is informed about Medicare Part D. This is a federal program to help with the cost of prescription drugs for Medicare recipient. She has to live in the US to quality.

There are certain cost to the beneficiaries. Medicare Part D deductible is about benefit structure instead of the drugs being covered. In 2008, this deductible is 275 USD. The initial coverage limit is about 2510 USD. The recipient pays 25% of the cost covered by Medicare Part D. When the first level is met, then there will be another deductible past this initial coverage amount.

Medicare D Enrollment is voluntary for most. However, those who did not enroll by May 15 deadline could get penalized at 1% per month based on their average premium until they enroll. There are many companies that offers free comparisson on Medicare Part D Drug plans. MyPartDUSA seem like a good place to start shopping for plans.

This plan will exclude drugs not approved by Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA. This will also exclude drugs not already covered by Medicaid plans. It might still be a few years til my mother retires, but it will not hurt her to know about this information long before she needs them.

It Had to Be You

This is a book written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips about a girl inheriting a football team but she doesn't know anything about football. I love this story. Phoebe and Dan is one of my favorite romance couple of all time. Right there with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

If you've never heard of this book, well, it's time you read it then. Buy it here. It's perfect for a summer read.