Love Actually with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightly, Professor Snapes

I saw this movie recently. There was a scene that I never forgot in this movie. It's where Colin Firth, as a writer named Henry, went to France. His wife cheated on him and that's probably why he went away. While there, he fell in love with his Portuguese maid. One day, his papers got swept by the wind and ended in the water. His maid jumped after it, but not before she stripped down to her undies.

Another scene was in a car, while he was driving her home. She said in her native language that it's not her favorite time of day because she has to leave him. He said in English that it's his favorite because he has her in the car with him. I just love it!

Then there's this scene with an extremely cute and handsome guy who's in love with this girl, but she's married to his best friend.

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Anonymous said...

I like these clips. So romantic. Love Actually!