What's My Bills IQ?

I saw this Bills IQ and I immediately took the quiz to see how fit I am. I got a C. I wonder if this means I have to give up my dream of being financially independent and secure. It seems like just when all the bills are paid off, a new batch comes along. It's all those vacation and shopping trips. A big no would be shopping and biling it to my credit card knowing that I wouldn't be able to pay it all off.

Yes, I have credit card bills, but I'm never late in paying, but I have a large balance. I think that if I check my credit score regularly, I'd probably have a bigger grade in this IQ. Debt consolidation might be the thing to keep control of the interest rate.

Take this IQ test and find out strategies and information about your financial health. I know now what are the most important factor in my credit score. It's all about payment history, debt loads, and how much of my credit line I am using. I have heard somewhere than less than 30 percent is alright. Oh, I need to do better with my finances. I have below average of same gender and education in my area. Find out if you come up with a better grade.

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