My Part D USA

My mother will be retiring in a few years. It's important that she is informed about Medicare Part D. This is a federal program to help with the cost of prescription drugs for Medicare recipient. She has to live in the US to quality.

There are certain cost to the beneficiaries. Medicare Part D deductible is about benefit structure instead of the drugs being covered. In 2008, this deductible is 275 USD. The initial coverage limit is about 2510 USD. The recipient pays 25% of the cost covered by Medicare Part D. When the first level is met, then there will be another deductible past this initial coverage amount.

Medicare D Enrollment is voluntary for most. However, those who did not enroll by May 15 deadline could get penalized at 1% per month based on their average premium until they enroll. There are many companies that offers free comparisson on Medicare Part D Drug plans. MyPartDUSA seem like a good place to start shopping for plans.

This plan will exclude drugs not approved by Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA. This will also exclude drugs not already covered by Medicaid plans. It might still be a few years til my mother retires, but it will not hurt her to know about this information long before she needs them.

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