Cleaning Dervish

I get a bunch of boxes for my garage today. The boxes contains books. I love books, and I love boxes and boxes of them. The problem was, my garage was so disorganized, I can't even walk in there. I went in and started tossing in the trash piles all boxes that were devoid of contents, aka empty. It's amazing how much space I created. Congrats to me.

On another news, my poor little brother is paying for a lawyer so he can get screwed again. Yep, you got that right. Screwed, as in royally. He's slowly but surely being stripped of every thing. I think he should fire his lawyer, she's next to useless and she's in cahoots with the bitchy not-quite-ex-wife who sleep around with other people while 'pretending to be married' to my brother. The marriage should be annuled. If it's done under fake reason, and designed to cheat the other person of their right to know clearly what they're in for, then the marriage is no good.

Anyways, I think my brother needs lots of prayers. You know what they say, gotta pick up a spouse carefully because you could end up with a spouse like my brother has. What a nightmare his life has been. All of it. All marriage-part of it.

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