The Jane Austen Book Club

My husband picked this as audio book for me last year. I listened to this while doing laundry. It's about six Californians who formed a book club discussing only Jane Austen's books. There's only 6.

I am pretty new to Jane Austen myself. I only start reading Pride and Prejudice because the reading club I joined was so into Jane Austen. I didn't want to feel left out. I like Pride and Prejudice. I might have fallen in love with Mr. Darcy, thought I would personally date him. He's aloof and bordering on rude.

On the other hand, Matthew McFaden and Colin Firth makes for wonderful Mr. Darcy. So, back to this book-turned-into-movie, I like the movie much better. It's enjoyable and fun.

Favorite line?
Isn't it better to quit while we're ahead?
Uttered by Jimmy Smits as a consolation for his cheating on his wife.

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