Call the World for Pennies From The USA

The hard thing about spending money on the phone is that the more you spend, the more you resent spending longer on the phone. With Mobiltalk by Pocket 8 you save a huge amount of money, and you have less resentment ‘wasting’ your time on calls to people who won’t let you off the phone. When you’re on vacation, the last thing you need is a huge bill added to your travel expenses for when you get home. What you would like instead is something inexpensive, which the new Voip provides. Mobiltalk is perfect for this, you don’t need a calling card or pin codes, who can remember those anyway,
You don’t need an expensive ‘data plan’, I never could get on top of what that’s going to cost, no ‘connection fees’, listen why do other companies charge you a ‘connection fee’, isn’t that another word for ‘making a phone call’? You don’t need a ‘hot spot’, another phrase for, who knows where? With Mobiltalk by Pocket 8 you get high quality digital calls or voip international and you save more than 90% over typical international mobil phone charges.

For instance, you can call Australia for 3 cents a minute!

Mexico , again, 3 cents a minute! Compare that with the high cost of having to drive down there and talk in person, which would be cheaper than typical mobil phone charges.

Germany , 3 cents a minute! That is much cheaper than buying a ticket on one of those new giant planes and flying over there, taking the Autobahn, who knows if that’s safe or not, and then trying to find whoever it is you were talking to, which, again, is cheaper than some international mobil phone charges.

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