The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

image from fantastic've been reading this book for a while now. It is set in England and I think later on, some foreign shore. In movie terms, this book is a blockbuster. I read a little bit at a time. It's a story about a good bad guy named Sid Malone and a rich-girl-woman-doctor named India Jones. I'm only on chapter 5 of the story. Already, Sid and India have met twice. Once in a bar and then later on, at the hospital where Sid was fighting a raging fever due to a big cut on his side while submerged in the river Thames. I guess Thames is not the place to be when you have a cut. Jones had just graduated from medical school at a time when they barely acknowledge women doctors. She works for what appears to be a do-gooder doctor, which turned out to be a facade only...for the other doctor that is. I like this book and I'll see what happens after this.

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