Oh Boy! Britney Spears

We all have days when we feel like shaving our head...Britney listens well to those voices.

I think I like her face with hair.


ALE said...

The girl has nerve.

An old girlfriend of my brother's shaved her head in college. I thought she'd look weird but she was stunning. She was a naturally beautiful woman so when she shaved her head it was incredible how beautiful she still looked.
But Brittany isn't like my brother's old girlfriend, that's for sure!

Shoshana, I haven't seen you in awhile! I've been out of town but have missed chatting with you :)

Simple American said...

So quick vote. Who wants to tell her that she looks ugly with no hair. Natalie Porman looked much better this way than Britney.

tallulah said...

I shaved my head on the same day. Now everyone thinks I'm a Britney wannabe.

Katt said...

Without hair she looks freaken EVIL!!! And her ears pop out on angles!!! lol

She has balls to do it..Though personally I think she needs a LOT of help. I pity those poor boys of her with a mother that screwed up