Doppleganger, Everybody has One

I've always said it, and now I want you to see. Jason Long looks like my Lil Bro. Also, take note that my Lil Bro does not have a hairstylist or a make-up artist.

It occured to me first when I was watching the Mac-Pc ad. My brother used to have that long hairstyle.

Cool huh?

Do you know of anyone who has a famous person look-alike?

Don't they also look related to that guy in The Practice? You know, that lawyer TV show.


Simple American said...

Thats pretty cool.

Does your bro use that to meet girls. haha

Serendipity said...

Nope. He hardly meet any girls. He's married, and before that he's working,and before that, he's in school full time and working full time.

Then now, he has a lovely family. I bet he could if he incline, but then I'd have to beat him up because I actually like my SIL. :)