Make It a Showcase

I don't know about you, but I can only look at a bathroom, or any room so much without changing anything, especially my bathroom. Here's where bathroom vanity come in. Are you tired of those fixed old vanities? I am. I have a house built in the late 70s. We're constantly upgrading. I'm glad to have a house, but having this 56" Glass Top Double Sink Vanity bathroom vanities will be even better. I like the bowl design. My husband likes it too. It matches the shape of our plates. Why shouldn't our plates match the bathroom sink?

The greatest thing about browsing through all these discount bathroom vanities is his permission to spend the money. Now, I just have to .decide whether I want to redo my bathroom sinks or my kids. I really can get one! How cool is this?

Double Vanity is ideal for master bathrooms. It wouldn't fit in my half-bath down the hallway. However, they have beautiful collection of single vanity. I think this single vanity below is the perfect compliment to the one I have picked for my masters bath. I like how it is neat and beautiful. If I put in my order before December 2008, I'll get free shipping on any orders. I am so excited about this.

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