Lift it Up, Lift it All Up

Every now and again, when my nose gets unburied from the pages of my books, I noticed signs of aging. Gravity is not my friend. For example, when I was young and 18, having small breast just totally sucks when I lay on my back. Gravity pulls it all down until it's nearly invisible! I didn't mind. I was happy with my small breast because I almost always go without a bra. Then along came the children, and I'm not saying I regret anything at all, because I don't, and I noticed that my breasts, small as they are, starts to drift south. Sure, I can still go without my bra, but it's not as fun anymore. I'm finally starting to lose the weight I've gained after all my pregnancies, and while I might not seriously consider other procedures right now, breast uplift procedure is not in the same category as faking anything. It is like buying high heels because I want to be 3 inches taller, or that it makes my legs looks gorgeous. Besides, with names like 'uplift' it's bound to be a confidence boaster in the summer when I can wear my swimsuit and look great. Isn't that the ultimate goal with all the tucking and lifting and augmenting? I see no harm in making my breast full and perky again. In fact, I think it's a great birthday present to give oneself.

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