Traveling G-Spot Finder

It's going here.*

Okay, I'm in a quandary. I wanted to send a G-spot finder to a friend overseas. One minor problem is this country happens to be a very Christian country. One where they won't, at least didn't about 15 years ago, published overtly sexual things.

Where their idea of an X-rated film then is Bo Derek's movie Ghosts Can't Do It . Of course I went to see it with my friend Grace. It was hard. We had to smuggle our street clothes because the damned theaters won't let us in with our high-school private school uniforms. Come to think of it, even public uniforms is banned from theaters on school days. We wouldn't be allowed by our parents otherwise, so Grace and I played hookey with our Home Economics class. Is it any wonder I did not know how to cook when I got married?

I'm not going to mention that my mother has a lot of friends willing to report about us standing anywhere else but near a school. Ssssh, don't tell my mother. I think she'll still get mad if she knows. I was supposed to be in school, doing educational stuff. We got away with that one. Whew!

It was really scarry when we went into the theater. All,except maybe 10, in a full theater are men or should I say, male? They are the slobbering and wanking kind. We decided that we're safe near the exit. However, it got to be too scary, we had to leave after 30 minutes after because well, too many guys in that otherwise "good" theater. We also find out it wasn't as much fun getting away that way.

Now, back to my problem. I hadn't realized, being as I am a person who doesn't usually go shopping for dildos and G-spot finders, that there are so many to choose from! I have decided on one. Now, as to sending, how do I declare it to customs? Any ideas?

For starters, I was thinking of putting it as (a few options):

toy, broad and non-committal

lady's toy, well, isn't it?

rattle, this one might fly, coz you know, they really come in a lot of cute
flavors. Or couse, this is heavily counting on the fact that customs in "that"
country will not include perves.

food item, I could include a jar of edible massage oil, and that would cover

So, what do you think would be a great description on customs form?

*Wow, this one really looks pretty, although it's not as good as the other, but it's the closest to P-13 picture I can find.


Anonymous said...


No lady toys allowed in that faraway land?

Government corruption: OK
Lady privately getting her jollies: Not OK.


Anonymous said...

I say, "toy" or "noveltly device" or something like that.

Vixen said...

I say 'breakable toy' because you want them to handle it with care :P

Molicious said...

How good of a friend are you?? Sending people vibes in the mail. ::snicker::

Serendipity said...

momsquared, that's about it.

Where almost anyone in the government can be bought, anything sexual is a no-no.

Simple American said...

Gardening tool? Exercise equipment? Hmmm...


I'd vote for toy and leave it at that.

Shoshana said...

Ha ha ha. Gardening Tools...I like that.

Exercise equipment..I think I'll for that. LOL.

I think she'll kill me if I declare it honestly.

My husband asked me "did she know you're blogging about this?"

Anonymous said...

Exercise equipment! Oh man, that made me laugh out loud. Too funny.

And I agree. You are a very good friend. None of my friends ever bought me one of those!

You know that they have parties for these things? Like tupperware parties, but they are toy parties?