Just tell me in Simple words

or better yet, pretend I am six-years old and that it's important for me to get this information right.

See, I keep getting an accounting e-mail and it says:

PLEASE NOTE: If the total balance is a negative amount (- figure) then this indicates that there is an outstanding payment due to you.

I want to know what it means. Does it mean I owe them money? Or does it mean they owe me money.

Why can't they write to me instead like this.

PLEASE NOTE: If the total balance is a negative amount (- figure) then this means a.) we owe you, or b.) you owe us.

Really, how hard could it be to say that. Sure it doesn't use big words like "indicates" and "outstanding" or "due", but I would understand it better.

I don't really care for fancy words. I save that for when we close on yet another house where lawyers use like 1 million words for what could be said in 10 thousand words.

I understand that longish verbiage is required for some transaction like hiring a domanatrix to hurt you for example. I can understand that a contract of that kind should include the whatnots, wherefores, and heretofores. Otherwise, I prefer simple.

What would you prefer yourself?


Anonymous said...

Our dominatrix presented us with a very simple contract, actually.

Serendipity said...


I would insist on a complicated one...one involving about level of pains...coz, you know. I don't want to get hurt.

Simple American said...

I like simple words too. Some bizzes like to look smart with their big phrases and such. But don't think of the customer's need to understand.

Where possible pay them back with no further business and no word of mouth referrals. The lack of attention should get their attention.

Vixen said...

LOL, I completely prefer the simple words. My brother is a lawyer and he talks with all the big words. I keep telling him that if he doesn't stop talking to me like that I'm going to quit listening. I feel like I should carry around a dictionary when I'm with him.

When we closed on our house I just sat there listening and all I heard was "blah, blah, give us money, blah, blah, interest rates, blah, blah, pay off in a million years, blah, blah"