Smell of Rain and Someone's Parallel

We get a lot of e-mail. I have a good friend who can be counted on to send me tons of "Little Johnny" e-mails. I love it, it's funny, and worth having when you could really use it. After all, life sucks at the most inconvenient moment.

This story is very touching. Especially accompanied by pictures. I can't hack into my husband's computer right now, so pictures will have to be inserted later. Read the whole story here. [go ahead, I'll wait]

Then read this parallel letter below.*

Hi C,

Those are very powerful pictures, we really do benefit from them.

I just wanted to mention how important it is that those of us have suffered do gain from other people understanding.

I, for instance, once was late from school, and Mom didn't have dinner on the table (she had left it on the stove 'to keep it warm' - she claimed).

There's a certain camaraderie which those of us who have gone through these types of things gain that other people, like yourself, just can not possibly understand.

For instance, on the matter of pain, I too, once had this band aide that was stuck
to some of my arm hairs, so that when I pulled it off, I had to soak it in water for a few minutes to loosen the glue. When I put my arm under the water, Mom did not warn me that the temperature of the water was still cold (it was Winter). Blasting the hot water open did nothing to take away the moment in time when my arm was cold, 'You can't unring the bell' as they say.

Those of us who are 'Survivors' of trauma like that gain a certain brother and sister-hood.

For instance, yesterday, when I was eating the spaghetti-O's out of the can, I wondered why I was reduced to this state. My wife was changing two of the
children's diapers, and I still don't understand why she didn't do that before I got home. Then, to make matters much worse, perhaps because of the obvious neglect around here, I didn't have an appetite for the food she had set on the table. Next time she should leave me a note or something to let me know that there is food on the table so I won't have to open a can and nearly cut one of my fingers off operating the machine. I honestly wonder what's the matter with her lately.

At any rate, I do feel that it does help to remind those of you who are more fortunate to keep those of us in mind who have had to face 'the horrors' that this world has to offer.


Death for instance, it can strike anyone. While I was driving, I
noticed that they have this cemetery off the side of the road. They really
should move those graves or something, it was a real downer for me to see that
on my way home. I was listening to a really good song on 106.7 and seeing that
group around that freshly dug grave really wasn't very considerate of those of
us who put in hard work and then just want to go home to a warm dinner, be
informed where that dinner is placed, and have ice cold (not 'in was in the
refrigerator' nonsense, it doesn't taste good unless it's ICE cold, that means
32 degrees, not 42!!!!)

So I'm also 'in the same boat'. I think things
like this, if it doesn't do you in, it makes you stronger. We, the 'Survivors',
are stronger for what we have been through.

I just hope others can learn
from us.

- D

*Sometimes, we lost track of the fact how good we have it. It doesn't hurt to take a moment and tally all the good things we have. Don't you think?


Serendipity said...

Yeah, it's from my husband. He's funny that way.

Anonymous said...

I love D's sense of humor. I wonder how many people would "get it"!

Anonymous said...

By the way. I hope you realize that husbands are to be waited on. Your house should be spotless whenever he arrives at the door. The kids should be clean, fully dressed, waiting in line to greet him by the door. You too.

I thought you would have known all this! I feel so bad for your husband, subjected to eating Spaghetti Os while you attend to other things.

Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, wait! You don't need to be fully dressed! Saran wrap works, too. Except not in front of the kids.

OK, ok, I'm done.

Serendipity said... could I be so clueless!

I guess I could open a new business called...."wifing 101" and have saran wrap as a must for instruction.

Simple American said...

We can hug a good thing. The bad things don't wanna be touched. But so easy to gripe about em. Too easy sometimes.

Smile a lot and look happy. That's what my kids do. Even when they may not be. Something to do more as an adult. And don't worry about the folks looking and wondering what you are pleased with. Just feel good instead of bad. :)