Why Timothy Dalton

I wasn't really paying attention when my aunts were swooning over this guy. At least, not until over 25 years later when I saw Timothy Dalton for myself. I was watching Jane Eyre, the BBC series version from the '80s.

It takes a while to get used to the acting on that show, but then, you just forget about acting, and just watch Timothy Dalton move around. This guy is quite compelling.

Watch for yourself. I don't know if he's still making new movies lately, but I would watch it. I think he's lots cuter than Christopher Plumber, Sound of Music's Captain Von Trapp. I love Christopher Plumber too. I must have watch Sound of Music about a hundred times before I turned 25.

I think it's the eyes. Check out more of his pictures here.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen him in Hot Fuzz? He's hilarious. Coming out soon on DVD, if not already out

Simple American said...

I always liked his portrayal of James Bond. Could never understand why Hollywood did not use him more.