Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards

My mother talks on the phone. She talks on the phone to the tune of 1600 minutes a month, sometimes, more. Cell phone rates for long distance are out of the question. In fact, she did accidentally call Canada for a total of 3 hours in one month. She thought it was free! We're billed for hundreds of dollars on that call.

I steered her towards prepaid phone card. This way, she can talk unlimited with my sister, and she doesn't have to cost me a lot of money. My back starts hurting thinking how long I'd have to work to get those long distance money she charges on the cell phone.

She needs calling cards for the Philippines. have 12 pages of choices! This is exactly the site I need for all my calling card needs. This site is easy to navigate. It's idiot proof. There's a drop down menu listing all countries that have phone cards, and then phone cards options show up after you choose options of wanting connection fee versus without. You can purchase phone cards ranging from 2 to 20 dollars. If you're only need a short call, no problem. They have 2 or 3 dollar phone card. This site is practically heaven sent to me.

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