Save Big on Black Fridays

My husband and I have been hearing stories from real friends about black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving.

My husband have to work early in the mornings, and the strangest sites are the 6 a.m. lines outside of stores of customers waiting for the store to open. Who in their right minds would do something like that? Aren't they tired from eating all the food and watching the game?

Well, finally, my friend has told us year after year of the great deals she gets, and while I'm not looking to buy a TV or microwave on the spot, goodness I don't keep that kind of money in my ash tray, but on the other hand, eventually I do buy those kinds of things and why not get them for a steal?

So, finally, my husband and I have mentally prepared for the timing, Friday the day after Thanksgiving we're planning on joining the other nut cases and waking up early and going to one of those adult toy stores (I mean, adult toys as in electronics... what?) and simply showing up with saved up cash (meaning room on the cc) to buy something, to fill a hole in our life to replace the religion we gave up.

Well, there is a site by the same name, 'Black Friday'. I don't consider it the same as going to wait in the weather for a steal, but if you can get the same deal, whatever. I like to use the site to compare, have a base knowledge of what the prices can be, so when I go into the store on Black Friday I won't be off my game. I don't want to pay one third price for a microwave I don't need when a super 90% off DVD is avaliable online. On the other hand, I won't know what the prices are unless I do some research before I go. That way I know I should turn down the super special on a discounted five gallon drum of olives, and the like, if I can get them online without getting wet waiting in the rain.

Of course, my husband will probably just sleep in, as usual.

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