Obama or Clinton, who’s better against the Republican?

Obama or Clinton, who’s better against the Republican?

Everybody thinks that Clinton is a liability against the Republican candidate, probably McCain.

They say that the Republicans hate her, will be motivated to vote ‘against’ her, and Obama is likeable and acceptable to Republicans.

Ok, this is simply and absolutely false.


Clinton indeed lacks the personality and character that Obama has. She’s petty, when Obama compliments her, instead of complimenting him back, she says, ‘I agree.’

When Obama has a valid argument, Clinton uses the words of his argument, the key words, in her own speeches as if she thought of them.

Instead of meeting him like a man (no sexism intended, that’s just English) she snipes for petty points.

Now, all hands, attention, focus: Hillary is the better candidate!


Number one: The Democrats are GOING TO WIN. PERIOD.

A: The weakest turnout for the weaker of the two Democrats had more turnout that the entire Republican primaries.

B: The Americans are tired of having their hands bitten by those they are trying to help. Nobody likes to be spit on by someone to whom they are giving charity.
No one likes to shed their blood only to be called thieves.
No one likes to love their fellow man only to have that fellow man blow up their children in uniform.

Americans want out. McCain promises to stay, both Democrats promise to leave.

Now, once the race begins in earnest, the reason Obama is the worse candidate is because, far from being liberal, hes’ not a liberal, oh no. He’s a RADICAL. Think about it. Yes, he was ‘ahead of his time’ by voting against the war.

But, let’s wait a minute. We were recently attacked, there seemed to be strong evidence that convinced everybody, yet he voted against it. That means HE DIDN’T CARE WHAT YOU THOUGHT. He’s left of the horizon, he’s hiding it, and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks.

Sadly, that’s all the Clintons do care about, what the public opinion polls think moment by moment. Sadly for their character. But exactly what I want in a Democrat President.

I mean, if we must have one.

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