World of Phobias

A long time ago, my heart would race, my palms grow sweaty when I see mushroom. Mycophobia, fear of mushroom. I don't know anything about the term, all I know is I have this strong urge to pee when I see one.

At one point, I thought it's because mushroom would always grow where the dog pees. But only when it is followed by rain. I am now old with my degree in science, and it seems like my brain had discounted all I'd learn about fungi and it's behavior. I am sure I had spent two semesters talking about it...but it's all fuzzy now.

I don't have the urge to pee when I see mushrooms now. I ate them. Sometimes, I would get nightmares about mushroom so big, it ate me. It's always made me wonder why something as repugnant as mushroom gets eaten regularly. Humans are really just animals, after all.

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