Mired in Debt? Consolidate

I don't think anyone set out to be neck-deep in debt. In fact, I can almost be sure that most people would like to be independently wealthy. I've been in worse debt situations before, but nothing like my college best friend. She worked for a department store that has thousands of wonderful and beautiful products. So, instead of taking home a pay, she ends up accumulating debt as she work because she can't resist buying.

She has one of the prettiest apartments I saw. It's fully furnished, and beautifully kept. The only problem was, her credit card debt kept mounting. Of course, she didn't tell me when we first met, but after a year of being together, she finally confided about her uncontrollable urge to buy. She has drawers and drawers filled with make-up and their corresponding gift make-ups and bag it came in. It was the most peculiar thing I saw.

At one point, her mother offered to clear her 15K debt but she is not getting a sports car for graduation. I was thinking that maybe her main option might be to consolidate debt. This will make remembering payment due dates easier. Instead of sending out 5 different credit card bills, there's only one. It's a smart way to manage debt when you're mired in it. Of course, it's always better to manage our finances smartly. But when disaster happens, debt consolidation is another option.

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