I Wish I'd Known

My childbearing years is over. There's no more tubes for my eggs to travel. The bridge are burned and ashed. Why am I mentioning it now? Well, I wish I had known about Cryo-Cell. For treatment of serious disease, stem cells is very helpful. A long time ago, for some serious type of cancer, a parent would conceive a genetically correct child can donate stem cells to treat the sickly sibling.

Is it morally wrong? I don't know. But they harvest the stem cell from newborn, and sometimes, in sitio, before the baby is born. As the donor child gets older, stem cells can be harvested from the bone marrow. It's a painful process. By saving the umbilical cord blood stem cell from birth, the same beneficial stem cells are collected and stored while putting nobody else in pain. These stems cells have the potential to help with 70 kinds of diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, cerebral palsy and more.

August is the perfect month to hear about this campaign because in our country alone, a child is born every 7 seconds. Check out the current offers right now. If you're planning to have a child, or about to have one, be informed in your decision. Give the best that you can to your child.

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