Lover Eternal by JR Ward

I started this series a few weeks ago. At first, I was cringing with the names like Phury, and Rhevenge and Tohrment and Rhage, etc. In fact, I still cringe over it, but not enough to ditch the series because behind the weird names is a well-crafted books.

I like how the roles have change on vampire. Yeah they such blood, but they're not like rabid dogs who pass on the condition. I like that. Then the enemies of the vampire called Lesser are like mean albinos (no offense to Albinos intended, of course), but that's how they're made. The kept their hearts in a jar, and they become eunuch.

See what a mean when I said the roles have change? This is not your regular vampire books. I can see a little similarity with Sherrilyn Kenyon's vampire books. I'm caught up with her series, so it's really nice to find another series to read. I wonder if there's anymore out there.

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