An Ode to the Titan

I am not poet, but Six Flags Over Texas have the most wonderful ride. The Titans. You climb up on this loud metallic clink in your coaster, then you reach the top. The very top. You look around you, and it's a wonderful world that you see with its twinkling light. You peer over your legs to admire the tracks...wait a minute! Where's the tracks, then you realized it's curving under you.

As you realized this, your head blanks out as you plunged downward into a dark abyss, but only for a few seconds before it lifts you up again. Way up into the sky as if to fling you out your seat so you can fly and land in the Superman Tower of Strength.

It's a ride not to be missed...yeah though you walk in the shadow of death...the ride is worth it.

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