Depp At His Best

I like Johnny Depp. He's quite famous with his blockbuster shows in which he played Captain Jack Sparrow. I've been hooked since I saw Edward Scissorhands. Who can resist those scissor-hands? His gentle heart which is so hard to get into because he looks rather scary. He doesn't say much in this movie, but his facial expression brings out Edwards vulnerability, sensitivity and confusion to life. He touches everyone even when he can't.

Kim: Hold me.
Edward: I can't.

or this scene:
Kim: It must have been awful when they told you whose house it was.
Edward: I knew it was Jim's house.
Kim: You... you did?
Edward: Yes.
Kim: ...Well, then why'd you do it?
Edward: Because you asked me to.

It wasn't until he played George Jung in Blow that I appreciate him more. He played this drug deal who was at one time became very successful until he was betrayed. I forgot he was Johnny Depp and got into the movie. I got angry and frustrated at his misfortunes. I remember his conversation with his wife when he said:

George: What do you want me to say? I'm in prison. You should know you're the one who put me in here.

I can't wait to see Tim Burton's latest film, Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp. For trailers and more stuff about this movie visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site. Want more because it's still days away from the movie opening? To see Johnny Depp singing visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace

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