I'm Looking Forward to Holiday Movies

I just love it when Hollywood gets the Fairy Tale attack. The movie listed below are from USmagazine.com. I'm looking forward to seeing the following movie below. Some of them because I like McDreamy...though the longer I look at him, I see that he's aging. Every body does it. Still, he's sexy, don't you think?

Enchanted with Patrick Dempsey & Amy Adams on Nov. 21.
This classic Disney fairy tale, combining live action with animation, finds an idealistic princess (Adams, 33) falling for a jaded Manhattan divorce attorney (Dempsey, 41). Producer Barry Josephson tells Us: "He influences her with logic and guile while she influences him by opening up his heart."

I'm not sure about this one below, but mainly because the preview doesn't do anything for me.

Walk Hard: Jenna Fischer & John C. Reilly (Dec. 21)
Despite a pickup-truck load of failings - from drug addiction to serial philandering - rock star Dewey Cox (Reilly, 42) is ultimately saved by the love of his longtime backup singer (Fischer, 33). Fischer tells Us: "It's a satire of musical biopics like Walk the Line."

I am so watching this movie. I have read the book and wanted to see how this would turn out.

P.S. I Love You: Hilary Swank & Harry Connick Jr. (Dec. 21)
Though Holly (Swank, 33) has lost the love-of-her-life hubby, he returns to her in a series of letter he penned before passing away - which inspire her to find love again with a bartender (Connick, 40) who works for her mom. Producer Wendy Finerman tells Us: "It was the first time Hilary got to look pretty in a while - and not have to be so tough."

I'm watching this one because I like Heath in movies. Have you seen Knight's Tale? If you haven't, well, get off your butt and see it. It's so worth your time.

I'm Not There: Heath Ledger & Charlotte Gainsbough (Nov. 21)
It is me, babe! In this Bob Dylan biopic, Ledger, 28, plays the folk legend during his early Greenwich Village days, falling for a politically active French beauty (Gainsbough, 36). "They're beautiful together physically," director Todd Haynes tells Us. "But they also evoke something literate and optimistic."

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