The Thing About Adultery

See, people can have a good marriage, are having a good marriage...then comes along a really nice person who suddenly makes your blood rush to your head and to your loins, a person who really captivates you.

You have a spouse whom you are happy until this other person comes along. That's the ting about adultery. When a new person comes along, you have to manufacture reasons why you must leave this other person.

But before you do, and this is what hurts and destroy and annihilate the other person the most, you become a liar. You like about where you're going, you lie about whom you're spending your time with. You lie. You have become a liar and a two-bit, cheap cheater.

On the other hand, there is a person who just happens to be bored with her marriage. She's not interested in fixing what's wrong. She just wants to leave. It doesn't matter that by leaving she's only making herself happy, because that's their bottom line. The only thing that matters is they are happy. Period. They leave, but maybe, they won't destroy what little self-esteem their spouse have. They leave, and then they find someone who makes them happy.

Unfortunately for some people, they have the lying, two-bit cheater spouse. They did nothing wrong, but since they have not been upgraded, they're not good enough.

They're nothing a wronged spouse can do. They don't even have to do anything. No matter what, they will always be found wanting when the other have found someone new.

That's the thing about adultery. You can call it whatever. You can call it love, but really, it's nothing but lust and selfishness together. That and the selfish personality who will always cheat when they found someone new.

My question is, why can't they just leave before fucking around, because then, maybe, it will be less disgusting, less horrible to the person left behind who is suddenly no longer good enough.

[Never been good with grammar, English is my 3rd language]


Simple American said...

Nuthin' wrong with your grammer. Better than some folks' first language.

Hope this is not happening to you.

A thinking person will ignore their loins. But a lot of people forget how to think in this situation. King David of Israel comes to mind.

Serendipity said...

Not happening to me personally, but close enough so that you can see the disaster unfold. Those poor children!

Norma said...

Interesting about the first sacrifice is the truth in an adulterous relationship, and the lies begin. That's also the first clue about people who are drinking too much or using drugs. They can cover all sorts of behavior, but they have to begin with the lies. Interesting.